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Family Recreates Disney Vacation in Adorable Video After Trip Gets Canceled


There are people who love Disney, and then there are people who LOVE Disney. All other travel plans are based around Disneyland or Disney World trips, Disney trappings are strewn throughout their homes, and their references of rides and characters are second nature.

For those who eat, sleep and breathe Disney, the recent closure is a bit of a bummer. Many families had to postpone their big trips to some unknown future date, but one family decided to make the most of their changed plans by filming something that would bring joy to others.

They took a trip to Disney World — right in their own neighborhood.


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Getting out their themed gear and drawing on their extensive knowledge of the parks, the Hearn family from Texas started off their video with the six of them seated in chairs against a wall that had airplane window cut-outs as they cheered “We’re going to Disney!”

Mouse ears for some and Disney shirts for all, the scene then cut to a toy plane traveling across what looks like someone’s quarantine homework, a map of the United States to Florida, the home of Disney World.

The video highlights the family’s resourcefulness, toy collection and insider knowledge. The vignettes are familiar to anyone who has spent time at the parks, and switch back and forth between toy and human scenes.

The camera passes through a doorway that displays the sign “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”

In one scene, four (fake) $20 bills are handed over for a few balloons, which are given to the girls waiting in their stroller. They squeal in delight over their expensive indulgence.

At one point, one of the girls, dressed as an employee, holds a “Wait Time: 300 Minutes” sign. They even have their own homemade version of The Haunted Mansion, and two of the girls dressed for the part and recited the famous greeting “Welcome, foolish mortals!”

Another scene shows the strollers full of Disney-bedecked kiddos moving toward Cinderella’s Castle at the end of the road, though when the camera pans over it’s a toy castle.

The group even poses for a photo in front of the well-known landmark, though they have to sit on the grass to get the castle to fit in the frame with them.

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No trip to Disney World would be complete without viewing the parade, getting Mickey’s autograph or a stroller of tired kids at the end of the day — and the Hearn family covers each one.

The video has cheered many hearts, with the original post being viewed 495,000 times and shared almost 8,000 times.

“What cancelled trip?” the caption reads. “The parks may be closed, but the Coronavirus can’t steal our Disney joy!”

The video was picked up by KSAZ-TV, which wrote, “This family isn’t about to let the coronavirus pandemic ruin their Disney memories! When they learned their vacation was canceled, they decided to recreate what their trip to the ‘most magical place on Earth’ would’ve looked like.”

If only everyone’s disappointment could be funneled into such creative endeavors, the world would truly be a happier place.

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