Famous Film Star Orlando Bloom Posts Tear-Jerking Goodbye to 98-Year-Old Grandma


Grandmothers are incredible people. They put aside all thought of themselves and give selflessly for the sake of their families.

They’re typically the ones who make sure we have enough to eat, and then make us eat a little more just to be sure, and then tempt us with sweets and treats.

Their age gives them perspective, and they’ve gotten to a place where their experiences have given them wisdom that some of them impart to their progeny more ruthlessly than others.

Their age also means that we have less time with them than we’d like. Many grandchildren are busy, getting through school, raising a family, or working to pay the bills, but those who carve out time for their grandparents rarely regret it.

Orlando Bloom — the well-known actor who has been in films such as “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” —  is no different in that he cherishes the time he’s spent with his grandmother, Dorrie.

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The famous actor posted a photo to his Instagram on Friday, Oct. 5, of him holding his grandma’s hand as she reclined in bed. They know her time is coming soon, and knowing that has made Bloom even more thankful for the times he’s shared with her.

“(C)herish the memories and moments and celebrate and respect the life,” he wrote in the caption, “we all smile we live we laugh and we embrace a grandmother a mother a sister an aunt a wife a girlfriend a daughter a friend a child a newborn we are born we grow old we get sick and we die this we know so love and give love.

Do you have favorite memories of your grandparents?

“98 years and I’m so glad I got to be a part of them and as I lie awake pondering and knowing that she too will pass soon now perhaps before I wake I pray I smile I shed a tear or two at the memories of Sunday lunch with Yorkshire pudding (she made it the best) and roast potatoes and beans from the allotment and pudding and humbugs and walks in the fields or along the canals and knitted cardigans the love and history I am so grateful for my grandma Dorrie I love you ❤️”


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Many of us can relate. We recall the better times, the special moments we shared, the meals so lovingly and expertly prepared.

There’s no going back: Once a person is gone, you can’t build those memories anymore, which is why it’s so important — as Bloom pointed out — to take the opportunity when you can, because you might not have another chance.

One person commented on Bloom’s post, commiserating with him. “My granny‘s (95) funeral was today,” they wrote. “I feel every word you say and cherish the sweet childhood memories and everything that made me the woman I am today. Cheers to Margarethe, cheers to Dorrie, cheers to all grandmothers!”

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Another hadn’t gone through the experiences Bloom had, but would have loved to get to know her own relatives.

“Beautifully said @orlandobloom ❤️❤️ Always cherish those memories I never had Grandparents they had all passed before I was born and I remember watching my friends complain about theirs and thinking I would give anything to have a Grandma or a Grandpa.”

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