Former Trump Pollster Makes Prediction for Over 3 Dozen Democrats


Former pollster for President Donald Trump, Jim McLaughlin, said Monday on “Fox & Friends” that there may be three dozen Democrats who decide to run in the 2020 presidential primary.

“So far, Jim, it looks like there could be three dozen Democrats before it’s all done,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

“Maybe more,” McLaughlin replied. “The question seems to be a lot, who’s not running as opposed to who is running.”

McLaughlin highlighted the top candidates and began with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The interesting thing, he’d be 77 years old when he took office. But then you compare that to President Trump who’d actually be 76 years old but, he’s the Energizer Bunny. So, it’s real interesting. He’s the front-runner but I think it’s more on paper than it is in reality.”

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“The other thing, thing is one poll showed about six out of 10 primary voters want somebody new. They want an outsider,” he added.

McLaughlin then moved to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and claimed she’s likely missed her opportunity to run for president and has hurt her chances with the recent YouTube videos she released.

“Some people think she missed her window. They think she would have been the better candidate four years ago,” he said.

“But she’s already out there and she’s done a couple YouTube videos and whatnot and she stepped on herself, when she did the new DNA test and then when she did having the beer.”

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McLaughlin also said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and former HUD secretary Julian Castro could provide fresh faces for Democrats, but are facing attacks from their own party.

“(Gabbard) fits the bill for a new and a fresh face,” he continued. “And in a lot of ways she’s getting attacked more, not from Republicans, but from the left. First of all on gay marriage because only a few years ago she was against gay marriage. And then also they’re attacking her because of the fact that she was rumored to be considered in the Trump Administration.”

“(Castro) is only about 43 years old. He’s a former mayor, former HUD secretary. But the other thing is to look at him. He’s getting attacked more from … he’s another one getting attacked from liberals. They’re calling him a lightweight and they’re also calling him, you know, somebody who’s not up on policy issues.”

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