Garage Cam Catches Criminal Calmly Pull in, Get out, and Start Looting


How many times have you left the house and wondered, did I forget to close the garage door?

A video released by the West Jordan Police Department may have you turning around to check.

Many people are sure to be more careful after seeing this instance. Not everyone is aware how easily and quickly a person can make off with possessions that are rightfully yours.

The robbery happened in West Jordan, Utah, in the mid-morning hours, during the week. Thanks to the video cam located in the garage, the entire thing was caught on tape.

A garage door left open, with valuables inside, was seemingly an open invitation to one thief. The video began with a white Hyundai slowly pulling into the the garage. At first, it looked like the home owners had just returned.

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Then a woman wearing a hoodie and dark sunglasses got out. She grabbed several small tool sets and a power drill and put them in her car. But she wasn’t done yet!

The woman continued to take items from shelves and loaded them into her car. It looked as if she were shopping at some big box store, only minus the cart. And the paying.

At one point, the video showed her rummaging through some items on a shelf. She picked out what appeared to be more tools or bags and left other things behind.

It’s a difficult video to watch: a stranger rummaging through and stealing someone else’s personal possessions from the “safety” of their own home. The woman seemed calm the entire time.

When she was finished, the woman simply got back into her car and left, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It’s an eerie scene and one that could happen to anyone.

The West Jordan Police Department shared the video to show the public how easy theft could be. “This, ladies and gents, is what a thief looks like,” said the department of the video.

The entire theft took no more than three minutes and the woman got away with a large amount of tools.  Law enforcement has asked for help in identifying the culprit.

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And they have pretty good evidence — someone has to recognize the woman or the car. It’s all been recorded and distributed, and hopefully someone will step forward to help apprehend this criminal.

“Please review the video and then look in the comments for additional screen shots on the jacket detail,” they wrote on a Facebook post. “If you recognize her or can help us identify her, please call Detective Lorence at 801-256-2140.”

It’s scary to have someone on your home turf, doing what they please with your belongings. A lot of people no longer feel safe once their property has been broken into.

“What a sad person to do something like this. I hope she gets caught,” said one viewer. Still, it’s a good lesson to always keep your garage door shut and to perhaps invest in a video cam.

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