Watch: Huck Reveals What He Saw on Recent Mexico Visit, Crushes Lib Narrative


Stunning photos showing a horde of immigrants on their way from Central America to the United States have sparked a fresh debate on immigration… and the left has openly claimed that we’re racist if we don’t let them in.

The so-called “caravan” of unvetted illegal immigrants has been assisted by Mexico as they slowly move north, with the clear intention of crossing into Texas without prior permission.

In response, President Donald Trump has pledged to use the National Guard to keep America’s southern border secure — and liberals have flown into a tizzy at the mere suggestion.

As rhetoric within the media seems to imply that America is racist, barbaric, or intolerant for actually taking its borders seriously, former Governor Mike Huckabee had a few choice words about the issue.

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“We have borders. Every country has borders,” he reminded viewers during an appearance on Fox News.

“I travel a lot internationally,” Huck explained. “I never go to a country where they say, ‘Ah, forget your passport. Come on in.’ I never see that, ever.”

The conservative commentator pointed out that he was in Mexico recently, and noticed that our southern neighbor takes their border and their immigration enforcement seriously.

“I don’t care what country it is — including Mexico, where I was just a couple of months ago,” he said. “This is absurd for us to think that somehow American ought to be open borders.”

Do all nations have a right to enforce their border laws?

Huckabee challenged those who were balking over the use of the National Guard at the border, and pointed out that all the military deployments around the world are meaningless if we can’t even protect our own homeland.

“In fact, the question would be: Why on earth would we send the military anywhere on Earth, to try to fight for freedom, or to fight for some type of human rights… if in our own country we say, ‘we have no idea who’s coming in, and we don’t care,'” he stated. “That’s really insane.”

He’s absolutely right. The double-standard within countries like Mexico and from the left is staggering. Every sovereign country has the right to control its own borders and to decide who is allowed to enter. That goes for Mexico, Canada, the United States and every nation on Earth.

As Huck correctly explained, Mexico frequently uses its military to enforce border laws. There are immigration officials at every international airport and at every border crossing in that Hispanic country, while attempting to illegally enter without a passport or to overstay a visa earns lawbreakers a one-way ticket home… or worse.

Anyone who travels internationally knows this. Heavily-armed Mexican Marines in balaclavas and body armor are common sights in places like Tijuana, Cancun and Chetumal. This isn’t “racist,” it’s necessary… yet America is supposed to feel ashamed for safeguarding its own borders in an increasingly unstable world.

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Locking your front door at night and checking on who wants to walk into your house is no more intolerant than doing the same at the border. We used to call this “common sense.”

Contrary to the liberal narrative, it is possible to be friendly to visitors while still insisting they follow the rules and respect the law.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.