HVAC Company Refuses to Take Downtown Jobs, Citing 'Needles, Human Feces, Vans Getting Broken Into'


Can you believe it’s come to this?

A Colorado heating and air conditioning company is now refusing to provide service to businesses in downtown Denver, Colorado, citing dangerous conditions in the area.

Tony Cirbo, operations manager for AC Mechanical and Engineering, explained why his business would no longer service the area in an interview with KCNC-TV.

“We made a decision as a company not to do any work downtown almost two years ago,” explained Cirbo in a recent email to a customer.

“The technicians were tired of stepping over needles, human feces, vans getting broken into, etc.”

12-Year Old Boy Snatches State Fishing Record with Rare Catch

Denver is one of many Democrat-governed cities to be blighted with homelessness, crime and conditions that resemble those in a Third World country.

A Denver business owner has begun charging a “Crime Spike Fee” to recoup losses he says he’s suffered from rampant theft and criminality.

“It’s the brazenness of it that is really, really different,” said Derek Friedman, owner of a SportsFan store in downtown.

“Once these folks are arrested, and they’re put in front of a judge and the judge just released them, they’re going to return right back to where they were and take more stuff.”

Is it time for Americans to leave big cities?

Services were halted to Denver’s downtown after the company’s work crew raised concerns over their safety.

Exorbitant costs of housing combined with generous privileges for the ‘unhoused’ have created a homeless crisis in Denver, resembling the urban decay that states such as California have become known for.

A wave of woke prosecutors taking hold in Democrat-leaning major metro areas has abetted a nationwide crime surge.

States throughout the western United States have also been swamped with a massive wave of illegal migrants, many of whom don’t speak English and end up living in tent encampments.

Blue-City Officials Tell Target to Stop Reporting Crimes or Face Punishment, Sparking Uproar

Conditions in America’s major metro areas have raised questions about the intentions of affluent liberals, many of whom enjoy speaking about issues such as housing and inequality.

Yet they’re often unwilling to compromise on their own luxurious liberal lifestyles to ameliorate these problems, instead maintaining a de facto system of ‘progressive’ segregation through local and state governments.

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