James Woods Turns Personal Twitter Account into Search and Rescue Tool


He’s well known for his acting and for his straight-shooting approach on Twitter. He routinely bashes leftists and is quick to serve up an “INSTABLOCK” to obnoxious trolls.

But there is more to actor James Woods than his quick wit and willingness to publicly go against Hollywood in support of President Donald Trump.

In the midst of the evacuations and Camp Fire in California, loved ones have gone missing and Woods has opted to use his Twitter account to help aid in search and rescue efforts for them.

The pinned tweet on his account informs the public how to “coordinate finding each other” using the social media platform. The method involves using “two dedicated hashtags.”

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KPIX reported that it isn’t just pleas for help flooding his account. Those who find their loved ones are also sharing the news and their thanks.

Do you admire James Woods for his actions?

An animal lover, Woods has also been thinking of the critters affected by the evacuations and fire. He’s shared tips for pet owners and those who have horses.

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Even leftists, who might be targets otherwise, can get a helping hand from Woods. Actress Alyssa Milano, who is very politically active for leftist causes, put out a plea for help with her five horses. Woods shared it and defended why she should be helped.

Of course, there were others who got on Wood’s bad side in relation to the efforts to help, too. His handy, dandy, infamous “INSTABLOCK” got pulled out and put to good use.

The kindness, generosity and class Woods has shown is a lesson all can learn from. The country could use more of this.

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