Jovial Joe Biden - The Joker Who Would Be President


Vice President Joe Biden falls in with the left on abortion, energy, fracking, gas, coal, gun control, and wants an expanded Affordable Care Act. Among the throng of vitriolic candidates running against President Donald Trump, he remains a jovial presence.

Jovial Joe Biden slams Trump’s approach to foreign policy, but does not address the perilous concepts of dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin (Joe said Putin has no soul) or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (Kim called Joe a low IQ fool), China’s Xi Jinping (Joe claims China is not competition for us), or Iran’s terrorist war mongering (Joe wants to reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal).

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, investigates how foreign governments work to influence American policy by offering lucrative business opportunities to family members of powerful politicians. His book “Secret Empires “documents how Chinese and Ukrainian firms targeted the former vice president through his son, Hunter Biden. Schweizer documents how Hunter Biden was involved with this through a Communist Chinese government investment fund and a Ukraine energy company.

Human Rights Watch released a report about a telephone application which is made by the Communist Chinese government. The application provides in-depth information (such as face recognition, blood type, religious activity, and more) about Muslims (Uighurs) in the western province of Xinjiang.

Credible reports show that Uighurs in Xinjiang are arbitrarily forced into mass detention. At least one million are held for unspecified periods of years, with re-education, torture, brainwashing and forced labor camps. Horror stories of organ harvesting abound. For his investment in this phone application, Hunter Biden’s firm received over $1 billion in a private equity deal from the Communist Chinese government via the Bank of China.

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As a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as Vice President, Joe Biden has been a friendly voice for U.S.-China relations; and negotiated numerous issues with the Communist Chinese including the South China Sea, trade issues and technology transfer.

“Ending forever wars in the Middle East” is a candidate Biden pledge. His role in the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is not something about which to brag. Al-Qaida lost its chief leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Iraq was on the verge of victory in the 7-year war.

Progress ended when Obama/Biden backed Nouri Al Maliki as prime minister (who had been defeated in elections); this undermined Iraqi democracy, and disenfranchised the Sunni tribes. American troop withdrawal left the Sunnis vulnerable, which contributed to the rise of the Islamic State, and Iraq was drawn into the influence of the Islamic State of Iran.

Iran sanctions imposed by President Trump are working. Widespread protests and riots exist at all levels of Iranian society. Iranians know that their leaders are corrupt, and squander the nation’s wealth. Mullahs are millionaires and billionaires, vast amounts of money is spent for terrorist activities in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen; high unemployment, gender equality and forced wearing of the hijab are complaints. Dozens have been murdered, and thousands arrested. Reports of torture and killing of the arrested continue.

President Hassan Rouhani, imagining that threats would end sanctions, declared that Iran will begin enriching uranium to a higher level than allowed by the JCPOA, with a series of deadlines, and Iran will discard more terms of the deal each 60 days. Due to Rouhani’s timed plans, Biden’s promise to go back to the Iran Nuclear Deal is an impossible dream.

Russia annexed the Crimea and made military incursions into the Ukraine during Obama/Biden. Burisma, a struggling Ukraine Gas firm, received US aid of $3 Billion, and “lost” $1.8 Billion of that funding. Hunter Biden is on the board of directors. VP Biden went to the Ukraine, had the state prosecutor fired, and had the investigation regarding the disappearance of the $1.8 Billion terminated.

Candidate Biden’s health care plan will cost $750 billion over a decade. To pay for this, he announced tax increases: income tax rate on long term capital gains raised to 39.6 and treated as ordinary income for those earning more than $1 million, and a raise in the corporate tax to an effective tax rate of 34 percent according to the OECD.

These tax increases would be detrimental to the stock market (think 401K, and retirement plans), and make the U.S. the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. Can you hear the swish of job-providing corporations leaving the country?

The Trump tax cuts would be repealed by Biden. A family of 4 earning $73,000 will see a $2,000 tax increase; a single parent with 1 child will see a $1,300 tax increase; utility bills would go up in all 50 states; a reinstatement the death tax will have devastating effects on small business and farming families, the child tax credit will be cut in half.

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Jovial Joe Biden promised that Obama would never raise taxes on any American earning less than $250,000. That proved false.

Biden remains the most jovial of the candidates gazing at the Oval Office, but do Americans want to follow him “Back to the Future Swamp?”

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Darlene Casella is a former English teacher, a stockbroker, and owner/president of a small corporation. She is politically active with Federated Republican Women, the Lincoln Club and the California Republican Party.