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They Just Launched It: China Has Weapon That Can Leave US Deaf, Dumb, and Blind in Attack - And It's Now in Space

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China continues to race ahead of the United States on the sea, in the air, and now in space.

China launched a new satellite Sunday that can be deployed as a weapon capable crippling American satellites, according to The Washington Times.

General James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, warned Congress in April that the Shijian-21 satellite is part of an effort by China to seek superiority in space.

According to the Times, the satellite was sent into space atop a rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in southwest China, with the task of cleaning “space debris” — or at least that was the claim of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., a state-run company.

However, according to the Times, the satellite is “said to be capable of maneuvering close to orbiting satellites and grabbing or crushing the spacecraft.”

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If weaponized, such a machine would be potentially capable of destroying communications and surveillance capabilities in American satellites, leaving the nation’s military deaf, dumb and blind in the case of an attack. In an era where military movement depends on technological communications, that could mean the Chinese government has just launched the world’s deadliest weapon.

In August, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, as the New York Post reported.

Over four dozen Chinese military aircraft flew into Taiwan’s air defense zone recently, the Post reported Oct. 4, in yet another round of provocation.

It doesn’t end there. According to CNN, China also has the world’s largest Navy. In fact, China has the largest military on the planet, according to the data collection corporation Statista.

Is the Biden administration allowing China to move into a position of world dominance?

Get the picture?

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is obsessing over the alleged enemy within. The FBI has claimed that domestic terrorism is “metastasizing” in the U.S., according to a recent headline in  The New York Times.  The article also implied that the shadowy group QAnon is a real threat to the country.

Let’s not forget the supposed white supremacists. They must take lessons from QAnon on getting maximum publicity with minimal actual appearances.

Very few of them are ever seen or heard from, but they must be legion, considering the amount of attention they get from liberals and the mainstream media. There’s no other way to account for their being at the top of the domestic terrorist list, again according to The New York Times. See the pattern?

Now, parents who resist the iron will of leftist schoolboards pushing critical race theory are suspected of domestic terrorism by federal law enforcement agencies.

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Don’t worry, though, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has alerted federal law enforcement agencies.

Garland quickly ordered the FBI to coordinate with 14,oo school districts after receiving a request from the National School Board Association asking to be protected from parents sending letters and emails.  The NSBA claimed the parents were an “imminent threat” to school officials and likened their activities to “domestic terrorism.”

Insurrection by the unarmed on Jan. 6. Shadowy QAnon figures lurking in dark alleys waiting to pounce. Crazed parents shielding their children from racist indoctrination. America is a dangerous place about to implode in a fiery cloud of violence. That’s what the leftists want you to think.

Meanwhile, China continues unfolding its plan to bring about a globalist utopia with, of course, the Chinese Communist Party in charge. There is little resistance. I am reminded of the Borg on Star Trek, “You will assimilate. Resistance is futile.”

Either key members of the Biden administration are in cahoots with China or they are dangerously incompetent. Or maybe they have come to believe their own propaganda and are blind to reality. It is difficult to say.

Whatever the case, reality will prevail in the end. It always does. It always will. But at what cost?

Resistance is not futile. It is the natural disposition of a free people.

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Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.
Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.