Musk Has Literally No Words After It's Revealed What 4 Mass Shooters All Had in Common


News of the bloodshed on Monday at the Covenant School, in Nashville, Tennessee, had barely begun to spread before Democrats began using it as a political weapon.

Never ones to let a tragedy go to waste, leftists immediately began using the murders of three children and three adults as a rallying cry to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

But while Democrats — including President Biden — wasted no time in firing off anti-gun rhetoric, they missed an increasingly alarming similarity mass shooters in this country have shared in recent years.

As conservative commentator Benny Johnson pointed out in a Twitter post, four of the killers have been “transgenders” or “non-binary.” Men or women confused about whether they were men or women.

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk brought attention to Johnson’s tweet — but had literally no words to add to the observation.

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Johnson, who hosts the podcast “The Benny Show,” wrote: “One thing is VERY clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists.”

He cited four major shootings that have been perpetrated by transgender or “non-binary” individuals, including Monday’s in Nashville.

Is the left wrong about gender ideology?

The alleged killer at the Covenant School, who was fatally shot by responding officers, was named by Nashville Police Chief John Drake as Audrey Hale, a woman who indicated on social media that she identified as a man.

The Colorado Springs nightclub shooting Johnson cited took place in November and left five dead and 17 wounded. The shooter is “non-binary.”

The Denver shooting was in 2019 and left one dead and eight wounded. One of the suspects was a girl who identifies as a male.

The shooting in Aberdeen, Maryland, took place in 2018 and killed three, with two wounded. The killer was a woman who identified as a man.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every mass killer is sexually dysphoric. And it doesn’t mean every sexually confused young man or woman is a potential mass killer.

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But it does force serious consideration of the current mania for pretending a psychological disorder is normal.

Other Twitter users appeared to agree with Johnson’s sentiments in regard to the dangers of teaching transgenderism to young people in a twisted attempt to depict gender dysphoria as natural and healthy.

One comment in particular summed up the situation well:

“We must stop normalizing and entertaining mental illness,” wrote David Giglio, a former Republican candidate for Congress in California. “Encouraging & helping people get treatment isn’t ‘mean’ it’s compassion. A damaged soul can be a deadly weapon with or without a gun. Progress won’t be made until we get serious about treating the root cause.”

Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire rightly pointed to the state of mental, spiritual and political decay in this country — rather than access to firearms — as the true issues at hand in these tragedies.

Knowles tweeted: “Guns have not changed much over the past century. Our conceptions of mental health, spiritual reality, and political institutions have transformed almost beyond recognition.”

Red Eagle Politics also supported this diagnosis with society, pointing out that mass shootings were a non-issue in the 1950s when young students were often photographed handling firearms in the classroom rather than being taught gender pronouns and sexual deviancy.

PJ Media published a commentary piece back in 2018, the year the Aberdeen shooting took place, which posed the question, “what has changed” in society to cause such an epidemic of school shootings across the country despite access to firearms having been around for decades without issue.

“What changed? The mainstreaming of nihilism. Cultural decay. Chemicals. The deliberate destruction of moral backstops in the culture. A lost commonality of shared societal pressures to enforce right and wrong. And above all, simple, pure, evil,” attorney and author J. Christian Adams wrote.

While not directly named in Adams’ article, the transgender movement certainly stands in line with the nihilism and moral depravity that are increasingly being pushed in the media, in tax-funded public schools, and by the Biden administration — with high-profile appointees like Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Sam Brinton, the now-former deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Energy.

It is true that mass-shootings are not committed exclusively by those afflicted with gender dysphoria, but it is valid to be alarmed by the increasing occurrence of mentally and spiritually disturbed individuals committing homicidal acts under an administration that has gone out of its way to push transgenderism and moral relativism on the next generation of children.

If there ever was a time for Americans to take back control of their children’s education, including potentially homeschooling, the time is now.

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