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Mysterious Donor is Leaving Envelopes of Cash All Over This Small Village


Moving discreetly through a small Spanish village, a mysterious “Robin Hood” figure has a mission to make the townspeople a bit happier.

The mystery donor, who remains unidentified, has been leaving brown envelopes under doors and in the mailboxes of various people living in Villarramiel, located in northern Spain.

Up to 100 euros are tucked safely inside the envelopes, which have been distributed seemingly at random to different families in the village.

With just about 800 people living in the town, locals are baffled as to who the mysterious person is, and some Spanish news outlets have labeled the person as the “Robin Hood of Villarramiel.”

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“We’re all bewildered and expectant as we don’t know where this money comes from or who the benefactor is,” Mayor Nuria Simon told Agence France-Presse.

“We don’t know what the intention is.”

Simon said locals cannot figure out any type of link between the various people who have received money so far. It seems that anybody could be the next recipient.

“A widow living with her son, couples with small children, elderly couples, middle-aged couples without kids,” Simon said.

The notes often come with hand-written messages, such as “the princess of the household,” with the drawing of a heart. Some envelopes have the person’s name and address written on the front, while others do not.

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Out of curiosity, a few people have gone to the police or the bank to report the money and verify that the euros are real, which they are.

According to Simon, there is no reason to open up a police investigation at the point, because as far as anybody can tell, nobody is breaking any laws.

So far, around 15 people have received a monetary gift — and it is anybody’s guess as to where Robin Hood may strike next.

The act of kindness has people around the world talking about this tiny village, watching and waiting to see if Robin Hood is ever identified.

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