New Jersey Prisoner Released Early Due to COVID, 2 Days Later He's Charged with Murder


Democrats in New Jersey released a felon from prison late last year to protect him from contracting the coronavirus, and police say he turned around and murdered a teenager two days later.

The release and alleged murder happened all the way back in November. The story was broken wide open this week by after the outlet spoke with homicide detectives.

The outlet reported 25-year-old Jerry D. Crawford was serving a prison sentence for burglary.

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As 2020 progressed, and Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy was playing with the civil liberties of New Jersey’s citizens, Crawford obtained what said were “public health emergency credits.” He was released from the South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton, New Jersey, on Nov. 4.

The outlet did not report exactly how much time was left in his sentence. In any event, he was released.

According to police in Bridgeton, it took Crawford and another man all of two days to commit a murder. Police say the felon and 23-year-old Yusuf Waites killed 18-year-old Davion Scarbrough.

Detectives said the teen was shot to death, after being seen on surveillance footage with Crawford and Waites at Burlington Manor Apartments. He was then discarded like trash by his killers less than half a mile from where Crawford had been released.

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Crawford and his alleged accomplice are both charged with first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder. Court documents confirmed after the murder, Crawford wasn’t hard to find.

In Scarbrough’s obituary, his family said he was “a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin.”

“He enjoyed rapping, rocking in a chair, having a good time with family and friends but most of all Davion enjoyed riding dirt bikes. He was very small but had a huge heart,” the teen’s family said.

“He always made people aware that though he is small, that he had a lot of heart. Davion would do anything for anybody he could. If he called you his family, then that’s what you were to him, Family!” the obituary added.

What an irreplaceable loss.

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Do New Jersey Democrats care that a young man with a lifetime ahead of him is dead and his family is shattered? Murphy hasn’t commented on the killing.

For all we know, he and the state blamed the brutal homicide on COVID.

If the police have the right suspects, we can go ahead and assign the blame to those who chose public health virtue signaling over concerns about public safety.

Why was a presumably healthy 25-year-old man who had been sentenced to hard time allowed out to begin with? The New Jersey Department of Corrections doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to explain it.

Not one news release has been posted about this incident.

Crawford was among more than 2,000 inmates unleashed on the Garden State on Nov. 4 amid fears they might catch the coronavirus, NBC News reported.

According to what police in Bridgeton are saying, Crawford was the actual public health threat.

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