Is Oregon Beyond Redemption?


Twenty-seven years ago we came to Oregon as newlyweds looking for a place to settle and raise a family. Since then the state of Oregon has changed, radically.

Tax dollars are used to kill babies in the womb.

The state gives itself “emergency” power to confiscate firearms without a hearing, ignoring the Second Amendment.

Marijuana is legalized and hard drugs are decriminalized.

Oregon is a sanctuary state, undermining federal efforts to address the problems associated with illegal immigration.

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Oregon will have socialized medicine regardless of public will.

The LGBT agenda is in full force in public schools, one of many forms of indoctrination.

The elderly can be done away with (by starvation) via state edict. Assisted suicide helps cull the herd.

Political correctness takes on the appearance of mind control. Religious liberty is in the state’s cross hairs.

Do you think left-wing policies have doomed states like Oregon?

Gov. Kate Brown is a far-left radical. She exploits corporate relationships to help fund her campaign, letting state contracts to allies. The governor installs the global warming agenda by executive order, denying rural voters a voice.

She is raising taxes wherever possible to fund far-left experiments in radicalism. And she has a cozy relationship with China to promote the climate change agenda.

The state is planning home inspections whenever a newborn arrives.

Socialism is the order of the day. Immorality is celebrated. Liberty is threatened and curtailed. The state reigns supreme thanks to Democratic supermajorities in all branches of government and throughout the bureaucracy. Far-left politicians represent the state at the federal level.

Masses of young voters in the future will likely complete the far-left domination of government and bureaucracy.

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Can Oregon be redeemed?

Oregon voters created these situations by consistently voting for radicals who are largely anti-American. People complain that far-left Democrats dominate the political landscape, but that is no excuse. Christians and conservatives have been inactive and silent for decades, allowing the contagion to spread.

Most observers say it will take a miracle of God for healthy change to occur. Others conclude Oregon is a lost cause, that God has given the state over to its lusts.

Twenty-seven years ago we came to Oregon to start a new life and raise a family. Today, we are leaving.

We cannot in good conscience live here and pay taxes. We are moving to another state, a place where Americanism and traditional morality are respected, a state where government is servant to the people, not a dictator.

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