Rude Brothers Push Bus Driver to End of Rope, So Mom Bundles Them Up And Makes Them Walk


Many of us are all too familiar with the famous Bible verse mom or dad would quote before sending you out to pull your own switch off the tree and get ready for some sort of punishment you deemed abuse as a child. “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

There are plenty of ways to discipline naughty children and no matter what you choose, it is our job as parents to make sure our children grow into respectful adults that are going to benefit society and leave the house right on time, for both the world’s and our own sanity.

Many parents have completely abandoned the idea of spanking their children, while some still rely on it like their parents before them… and others have, well, gotten extremely creative.

One of those parents is mother of two, Jenn Brown.

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When Brown got a call from her sons’ elementary school letting her know they had been misbehaving and been rude to their bus driver, she knew exactly what to do.

She woke her sons up on the chilly March morning and told them to get bundled up.

After handing them a sign that read “BEING BAD AND RUDE TO OUR BUS DRIVER! MOM’S MAKIN US WALK,” they hit the road.

They did the 4 and a half mile walk to school in the cold.

Every passing car added to their humiliation.

“Should have seen them when their bus driver when [sic] by and I put the sign on blast!” Jenn wrote on Facebook.

Two hours later, they boys and their mother made it to school. Brown’s reasoning?

“To show them what everyday will be like for them when they get kicked off the bus!”

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Its safe to assume that her sons quickly learned a serious lesson.

Parents everywhere have applauded the mother’s actions, commending her creative form of punishment as well as making sure her sons stay in line and grow up to be kind and respectful human beings.

“There’s alot of parents out there that need to start doing and showing their kids what a real parent is…” one commenter wrote.

“Awesome job mom!!” another said. “This is how you raise children.”

Do you agree with Jenn’s actions? What’s the most creative thing you did to discipline your child?

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