Rude Passenger Threatens Flight Attendant's Job after Caught Screaming at Baby


How many times have we been on an airplane with our young children, hoping that they make it through the flight without too much trouble? There’s usually at least one child who can’t seem to keep it together.

Most of us have compassion for the mom who pulls out a toy store of games and books, all in the hopes of soothing their screaming child. Let’s face it, flying can be difficult for young ones.

One Delta flight left a mother appalled and a flight attendant angry as a fellow passenger reacted to a little child’s cries.

By the time the child had calmed down, one passenger was kicked off of the plane.

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Marissa Rundell was aboard the Delta flight with her young child, Mason. He was having a difficult time and was crying.

A woman came to sit across the aisle, eyeing the baby as she went. As Rundell continued to soothe the child, the woman became rude and angry.

Rundell was quick on her feet and, while Mason rested in her arms, she began recording the woman’s actions. The video is shocking.

The airplane wasn’t even off the ground yet, and there was still the bustle of everyone getting settled in their seats.

The woman heard little Mason and immediately asked to sit somewhere else.

She indicated that she could not sit by a screaming baby for the entire trip. Rundell replied that Mason would not be crying the whole time. After all, a mother knows her child better than anyone.

The flight attendant calmly told the woman that she could be put on the next flight but the woman declined the offer. That’s when things got out of control.

The woman began to threaten the flight attendant, telling her that she soon might not have a job! Both Rundell and the attendant seemed shocked at the woman’s behavior.

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Finally, the flight attendant decided that she no longer felt comfortable with the woman on the flight. She told the other staff to remove her.

The woman began to apologize profusely, claiming that she was just stressed out. But her bullying landed her off the plane.

The craziest part of the video is that the rude woman seemed to be louder than little Mason, who was calm by the end.

Rundell got her justice when she posted the video on social media.

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