Russian Lawmaker's Hair Style Has World Staring in Complete Awe


Let’s be honest, we have all experienced a bad hair cut.

And we’ve all gone through the following weeks wishing we could cower in our homes, refusing to set foot outside until the sun sets, avoiding daylight like Nosferatu.

Like rats, we scurry down empty streets, avoiding questionable looks, sympathetic smiles, and backhanded reassurances that we didn’t ask for such as “It’ll grow back out, sweetie,” and “I have the cutest hat you can borrow.”

However, there are some, who choose to embrace bizarre haircuts.

There are those that believe weird is awesome and others who are completely clueless.

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But a few seem to be a combination of the two… and one of those few is the 62-year-old Russian senator Valentina Petrenko.

The senator has found fame for something much bigger than her political career… and it isn’t hard to take a guess at what I’m implying.

The Russian senator is more beloved than any other politician in the Motherland.

She is forever one step ahead of them all thanks to her incredible hairdo that seems to have come straight out of the Hunger Games and found a new, better home on top of her head.

Now, Petrenko’s hair is the talk of Twitter.

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However, Petrenko, who has much bigger fish to fry, is sick to death of all of the fuss regarding her righteous do.

“I’m so tired of answering these questions,’ She told the Echo of Moscow.

“I just have curly hair. I lift it upwards with some hairpins, that is all.”

And whether you love or hate the Russian’s hairstyle, you have to commend her for rocking a look that is so uncommon.

Despite her claims that she simply has curly hair, there is still something about her hair that seems to defy the laws of gravity and even, perhaps, space and time.

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