Tea Party Patriots Holding Nationwide 'Stop Medical Mandates' Protests This Weekend


Tea Party Patriots Action will be hosting dozens of “Just Say No” protests to COVID-19 mandates on Saturday, Aug. 28, and Sunday, Aug. 29, from coast to coast.

“Covid was a dream for wanna-be tyrants, and unfortunately, there are too many Americans whose identities are either wrapped up in virtue signaling and feeling morally superior to others, or who have been manipulated with panic porn and are willing to go along with the tyranny,” the group said on its website.

“It’s time to Just Say No: Say no to forced masking. Say no to lockdowns. Say no to forced vaccines. Say no to medical mandates. Say YES to freedom.”

The locations for the protests can be found here.

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If no event is slated to happen nearby, Tea Party Patriots Action has put out a guide to help people organize their own.

The group’s honorary chairman, Jenny Beth Martin, wrote in a letter at the beginning of the document, “This guide exists to help you fight this tyranny.”

“[I]t’s for the mom who never wanted to get involved in politics, but knows her kids cannot go another year wearing masks,” she continued, “the dad who can no longer watch his child slip deeper into depression; the doctors and nurses who have years of medical training and expertise, and who choose to forego the vaccine because they see something that concerns them.”

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“[T]he citizen who sees the writing on the wall and wants to fight for our freedoms now, before it gets worse; the small business owner who can’t afford to be locked down again or penalized for not going along with mandates; and for every other American who knows what is happening is just WRONG,” Martin wrote.

She made clear the position of Tea Party Patriots Action is not that COVID-19 is not real, but that the government should not use it as a means to run roughshod over people’s constitutional rights.

“If the Europeans can come out en masse against mandates, I think freedom-loving Americans should be able to do the same,” Martin argued.

During a recent appearance on Newsmax, the conservative leader discussed the policy of schools quarantining large numbers of students who were potentially exposed to the coronavirus.

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“We know that COVID is not deadly for children unless they have severe pre-existing conditions,” she said.

“We know that mental health issues have gone up in children because of what they’ve experienced from these lockdowns.”

“And the healthy quarantining — that’s what we call it where I live in Cherokee County, Georgia — it’s healthy quarantining when your child is not sick at all and they’ve simply been exposed to someone who tested positive,” Martin added.

“It creates … anxiety for children because they never know if their name is going to be called over the PA system and sent home from day-to-day. This is harmful to our children.”

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