Teen Picked Up by School Security & Brought to Office. Then Principal Brings Him Inside


When I was in school, I wasn’t called to the principal’s office too often. However, I can vividly remember the feeling of embarrassment that followed the few times it did happen.

My heart instantly dropped and felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.

As I walked down the hall, I tried to recall all of the things I had done or said the week prior to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen.

I can only imagine that young Jerry Anguiano was thinking the same thing as campus security escorted him to his principal’s office. He was told that he was accused of bullying another student.

The principal met the security car as it pulled up, further intensifying Jerry’s trip. The principal started the conversation outside and then followed him inside the office.

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As all of this was unfolding outside, excitement built inside of the office as a handful of people watched through the window. Jerry didn’t know yet, but there was an ulterior motive.

As he walked inside, almost at the point of tears, he noticed a young woman dressed in uniform, standing beside the door.

After a few seconds, he realized that he recognized her! It was his sister, Lorena!

The room erupted with laughter and a smile instantly filled his face. The two siblings hugged each other for the first time in a while and cried out of happiness.

“Dude, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be over there?” Jerry asked.

Lorena explained that she had recently graduated from Air Force training and wanted to surprise her family.

Her plan was definitely successful! Jerry said he was mostly worried about how upset his mother would be, but he soon received reassurance from his principal that the whole thing was just a prank.

She said that surprising her brother turned out to be even more emotional than surprising her mom!

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Jerry has been extremely supportive of his sister’s military career, but was very excited to see her.

I always love watching sweet military homecoming stories… even if they do make me cry. It reminds me just how much those who serve have to give up.

Reunions like these and the love their family expresses for their military men and women makes me all the more thankful for their service.

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