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Top 12 Viral Animal Videos of 2018


I don’t know about you, but about 75 percent of the time that I spend on social media is filled with watching adorable animals doing adorable things. It’s hard to pass up a cat showing some sass, a dog just being his goofy self, or even a talkative parrot reminding us that they are always listening.

Here is a list of the best viral animal videos from 2018.

A Horse Walks into a Bar…

I know this sounds the beginning of a cringe-worthy joke, but in fact, it’s the beginning of an insane story. In October 2018, patrons of a French bar received a startling surprise when a horse bucked his way through the bar.

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Emotional Reunion with Goldendoodle That Ran Away After Fatal Crash

After a tragic jeep crash in August 2018, Sam Orr had to deal with the grief of her mother’s death while recovering from injuries of her own. On top of that, her beloved Goldendoodle named Bentley was also in the car that day and had been missing for 19 days. When sweet Bentley was finally found, Sam posted a video of their emotional reunion on a Facebook page, called “Bring Bentley Home,” that was dedicated to as the name state bring him home. The reunion seems like it’s straight out of the 1993 classic “Homeward Bound.”

Curious Group of Penguins Find Their ‘Good Side’

A group of curious Emperor penguins in Antarctica discovered a camera, which resulted in the most epic and adorable video. They weren’t exactly sure what to do with the camera, but they did have fun trying to figure out which side was their “good side.”

Cockatoo Excitedly Waits for Owner To Walk Through the Door

As a dog owner, I can tell you that the highlight of my day is when I come home and my sweet rescue pup is so excited to see me. She wiggles, she knocks down things with her weapon of a tail and she even smiles. Be still, my heart.

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But did you know that even cockatoos get excited for their owners to come home? At least this 2-year-old bird does. According to Rumble, his name is Onni and this may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen a cockatoo do.



The Video That Started It All: #WhatTheFluffChallenge

You may have seen several videos of owners tricking their loyal pups using only a blanket and some swift movements. The #WhatTheFluffChallenge featured the hilarious reactions of confused dogs after their owners “mysteriously disappear.

Some even used the challenge to stage a sweet reunion of military owners with their canine companions, but here is the video that started it all, featuring an expressive Siberian Husky named Jax and his owner.

A Hungry Stingray Jumps onto Ramp To Beg for a Treat

It’s not uncommon to see a dog sweetly begging for a treat, but who knew that stingrays do that, too?


Two Playful Kitties Wrestle in Bed While Owner Tries To Sleep

If you’ve ever lived with cats you know that they seem to get a burst of energy at the most inconvenient times possible, more specifically when you’re trying to sleep. One owner dediced to record the goings-on of her two feline friends and it perfectly captures why its hard to get sleep as a cat owner. Watch as these kitties wreak havoc while she tries to sleep.


Bibi the Bird Figures Out How To Add Her Favorite Foods to the Grocery List

Smart home devices, like Alexa, have created some interesting stories. Some stories make you wonder if you can even trust them. Other stories are more humorous like this little girl trying to get Alexa to play her favorite song or this smart parrot who learned how to add his favorite foods to the grocery list.

I wonder if Bibi likes strawberries…

Clumsy Lion Missteps and Falls into Pond

We’ve all had those moments where for some unexplained reason, we’ve misstepped and fallen. My middle school band teacher used to call it “tripping over a blade of grass.” But this clumsy lion is a good reminder that even some of the most majestic creatures have derpy moments.

Exhausted Mama Dog Has No Idea What To Do with Energetic Puppy

It’s no secret why this next video went viral; it’s something every exhausted mama can relate to, no matter what species you might be. As this energetic pup wears out its mama dog even more, she seems to look at the camera, wiggle her rear and maintain her positive attitude.

Bear Cub Frantically Tries To Escape Car as Mama Bear Watches Only a Few Feet Away

Visitors of a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, received the shock of their life when a car horn starting blaring from outside. A young bear cub had smelled dog treats inside of the vehicle, opened the car door, and was stuck inside. As the bear frantically tried to escape the car, mama bear watched nearby.

The visitors had to come up with a way to reunite the cub with his mom without putting themselves in danger.

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Face Their Animal-Related Fears with Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin appeared on “The Tonight Show” in September 2018 which resulted in a hilarious series of events that showcased some of comedian Kevin Hart’s greatest animal-related fears. Seriously, I don’t know how long it’s been since I laughed this hard.

Warning: some strong language is used in this video. Viewer discretion is advised.

Have you seen any of these viral animal videos? Which was your favorite?

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