Watch: Alec Baldwin Sounds Off on 'Rust' Shooting, Reveals Who He Thinks the True Victim Is


Actor Alec Baldwin continues to be his own worst enemy by making inflammatory statements in which he blames everyone but himself for his shooting of two film colleagues, one of whom died from gunshot wounds.

In October, Baldwin shot a prop gun on the New Mexico set of “Rust” and accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.

The gun never should have had a live round in it, but for some reason it did.

Since the incident, the outspoken liberal actor has refused to accept responsibility, even though it’s undisputed that he fired the gun. Baldwin was also one of the film’s producers.

After being slammed for essentially blaming the victim for the shooting, he now blames “the right” for supposedly victimizing him.

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Baldwin leveled the inane accusation Saturday during an incoherent Instagram rant filmed in his car.

Specifically, he accused “right-wing rag sheets” of being motivated by “hate” after numerous media outlets reported that he is not complying with a December search warrant issued for his phone.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec pointed out that the actor “claims he is complying with the investigation while obviously recording the video on his phone that the sheriff has ordered him to turn over.”

In his Instagram video, Baldwin insisted that “any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that’s bulls***. That’s a lie.”

“This is a process where one state makes the request of another state. … That is a process that takes time,” he said of the New Mexico search warrant. “They have to specify what is it that they want. …

“Of course, we are 1,000 percent going to comply with all that.”

Essentially, Baldwin made hollow excuses for why he has not turned over his phone while claiming he’s cooperating with the investigation.

You would think that someone who believes he’s totally innocent of any wrongdoing would immediately turn over any exculpatory evidence that would lead to the speedy conclusion of an investigation.

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But alas, Baldwin isn’t your average person. He’s a spoiled, entitled left-wing celebrity who thinks he’s above the law and can use his fame to influence a police investigation into the tragic death of a 42-year-old mom.

On Dec. 16, a New Mexico magistrate judge issued a search warrant for Baldwin’s cellphone after investigators said they believe it contains relevant conversations related to Hutchins’ shooting death.

Baldwin initially refused to turn over his phone when asked, telling investigators that they have to get a warrant for it.

Do you think Baldwin should be criminally charged?

Despite the warrant being issued four weeks ago, he still has not turned his phone over to authorities.

Criminal defense lawyer Kevin Kearon, a former prosecutor with the Nassau District Attorney’s Office, told the New York Post that Baldwin’s apparent refusal to cooperate looks bad.

“It’s not consistent with his pledge early on to cooperate with law enforcement,” he said. “It certainly looks suspicious to the average person.”

Kearon said the actor might be concerned about incriminating evidence on his phone, such as deleted texts or photos related to the shooting, that he does not want in the public domain.

“There could be incriminating evidence on the phone, or it might be for privacy reasons,” the former prosecutor told the Post. “If he deleted text messages or call records, then he would face the possibility of criminal contempt.”

When this tragedy first occurred, most people were sympathetic toward Baldwin because it was obvious that the shooting was not premeditated or intentional.

However, since the incident, the leftist actor’s cavalier, arrogant demeanor and his constant deflection of any responsibility have angered even some of his supporters.

By now, it’s clear that Baldwin will never admit that he was at fault in any way for killing his co-worker.

But this is leftism in a nutshell: deflect blame, politicize the incident, play the victim and demonize conservatives.

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