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'American Idol' Judges Blown Away by Pregnant 23-Year-Old When They Hear Her Sing


Competition shows like “American Idol” regularly introduce viewers to memorable characters, both positive and negative. There are all sorts of stories that drive people to showcase their talent through such a public venue.

Amber Fiedler, 23, has the potential to become one of the most memorable faces this year. She’s got it all, as far as contestants go: striking looks, an astonishingly powerful voice and a touching story.

Fiedler was very open with the panel of judges during her first appearance when she described the journey that led her to the stage. She admitted that she’d been a partier and that she’d made some poor life choices.

And then she found out she was pregnant: But that’s exactly what saved her.

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What, for many, would have been a nuisance or an embarrassment was a turning point for her. She knew she didn’t have the stability she’d want to raise the child, so she decided to offer up her baby for adoption.

“There’s days when I don’t even have $20 in my pocket,” she told the judges, contrasting that with the condition of the family she’d chosen to adopt her baby girl.

She also explained that the adoption would be an open one so that she’d still be able to see her little one grow up and have some sort of bond with her.

Being pregnant really changed Fiedler. The thought of the child in her womb made her reconsider her life and realize some truths about herself. Because of the baby, her life was turned around.

“The baby — she saved me,” Fiedler said during her audition video. “She really did.”

Her story is definitely a unique selling point as far as the show is concerned, and the judges praised her for how maturely she was handling the entire situation.

Then there was the all-important matter of her singing ability, which — thankfully — was impressive. The judges all put her through to the next round, though they also wondered aloud how she would make it to through the next levels since the baby was due in two weeks (Fiedler was 38 weeks pregnant at the time of her first audition).

Fiedler reassured them that she’d do her best to keep up with the competition and that if it was meant to be, it would happen. Apparently, it was meant to be, as the Hollywood Week interview revealed that Fiedler had given birth and made it back up on stage.

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“I had her three weeks ago, and I feel really good,” she said in the video to a round of applause. “I feel good.”

She went on to say that it was a beautiful experience that confirmed to her that offering her daughter up for adoption to the couple she selected was the right thing to do. She sang “Rise Up” and will be advancing in the competition.

Hopefully, the journey will continue to be a positive one for Fiedler, and she will be an inspiration to anyone who finds themself in the same situation as she was in.

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