Boyfriend Stages Fake 'Drug Bust' to Prank Girlfriend Before Engagement


Everyone wants to have a unique and interesting proposal story. We want something we can talk about at every party we go to, and tell our future kids about it until their heads spin.

One Ohio couple took this concept to the next level, turning an elaborate prank into a marriage proposal. Caeom Noeum and her boyfriend Gary Aronov were on vacation in Barcelona when Aronov was stopped by an undercover police officer.

The officer approached Aronov and accused him of buying drugs from a local dealer. A search of his coat revealed a small bottle full of marijuana.

Aronov and Noeum were both cuffed and brought to the officer’s car. He told them that Aronov would have to identify the dealer in order to be set free.

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During the ride, the officer grilled Noeum about her drug use. She insisted that she doesn’t use drugs, and even started to cry when Aronov was lead away from the car.

All signs were pointing to Aronov spending time in a Spanish jail cell, and Noeum being stuck in a foreign country, unable to leave. Little did she know that it was all a plot for Aronov to propose to her.

Do you think a prank proposal is funny?

“We have always pranked each other,” Aronov later told Inside Edition. “It has just been part of the relationship. I wasn’t worried about her reaction at all and I thought, ‘The more drama the better.'”

When the other officer lead Noeum from the car, she spotted her boyfriend surrounded by a romantic setup and allowed herself to smile. She finally understood what had happened.

“It was the scariest and happiest day of my life,” Noeum said. “He was a very good actor as I did not sense anything out of the ordinary.”

“I knew that the end result would cure everything,” Aronov explained. “I was elated and ecstatic when she said yes.”

You shouldn’t feel too bad for Noeum. She’s participated in multiple pranks of her own, including a few pregnancy scares.

The couple married in September of 2017. They haven’t pranked each other since the proposal.

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