Car Rolls 3 Times, Mom and 7-Month-Old Inside. Strangers Rush to Help Save Them


Helping others during a time of need can be a make a difference in someone’s life. Young mom Ariana Thomas from Fayetteville, Arkansas, definitely thinks so since the brave actions of two good Samaritans saved her life recently.

In a detailed post on Facebook, Thomas informed family and friends of the events that took place on Dec. 22.

While traveling with her 7-month-old son in the back passenger seat, Thomas was involved in a three-car collision.

“Today, I can officially say has been the worst day of my life so far,” she wrote. “My car rolled over 3-4 times. If there was pictures from different angles you could see we are VERY THANKFUL to be alive.” 

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The car landed on the same side where her baby boy sat.

By the grace of God, several strangers rushed over to help save Thomas and her son, but there were two people who definitely deserved some recognition.

“Thank you God for the lady who pulled my [7-month-old] son out … Thank you to the man who pulled me out of the windshield,” she stated.

Thomas’ list of thanks also went to a paramedic, a police officer, her parents, and several other people who were there for her while she recovered at the hospital.

Yet, she still wanted to find out the identity of the man and woman.

“I just wanted to personally thank that person,” she told KFSM-TV in an interview. “I was hoping to find that person who got him out and then I remember a man trying to get me out as well.”

The grateful mom said she only remembers seeing that the lady had a black car. Other than that, she had no additional information on either rescuer.

One thing was for certain, though, and that was their willingness to help.

In all the chaos, these two strangers risked their lives to pull the mom and baby from the wreckage.

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Thomas said, “I mean there was oncoming traffic and everything. It was a big risk for them to take on.”

While Thomas had so much to be thankful for, she made sure to acknowledge the divine intervention in her life.

She also said: “Thank you Lord for watching over us.”

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