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After Dad Killed in Line of Duty, Boy Escorted to First Day of School by Over a Dozen Deputies


Nicolas Dixon probably didn’t know it would be his last day on the job when he set out to work on July 7. Most officers are aware that their line of work puts them in danger every day, but they answer the calling anyway.

When Deputy Dixon spotted a stolen car and tried to stop it, according to WSB-TV, one of the four 17-year-old suspects shot and killed Dixon, extinguishing the life of a husband, father and friend.

“A memorial fund benefitting the wife and children of Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon has been established at Peach State Bank Trust in Gainesville, Georgia,” the Hall County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post July 9.

“The Hall County Sheriff’s Office is very grateful for the outpouring of support from members of the community, businesses, and other organizations during this time of need. 100% of all donations go directly to the family.”

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The funeral held on July 11 for the deputy was publicized and well-attended, drawing viewers both near and far, and touching everyone who witnessed the service.

“I watched those officers stand in respectful attention with heads bowed and ache for their brother-in-arms,” Lisa Adams Harris wrote on Facebook after viewing the service on television.

“The words ‘End of Watch was July 7th, 2019’ were spoken,” Harris wrote, referring to the spokeswoman for Hall County Sheriff’s Department, who had given a statement. “She further said, ‘Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.’ And her final words were, ‘We’ll take the watch from here.’ I sobbed when I heard those words and saw Hall County’s finest try to hold their emotions in check as tears flowed down stoic faces, and writing those words again now once again brings me to tears.

“We as a community will never be able to repay his sacrifice or heal the grief, pain, and loss for his family. But, we salute you, Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon. Thank you for your service. E.O.W. 7/7/19. May you find peace in Glory,” she concluded.

Dixon’s son Colt, just four months old at the time of his father’s death, would likely never remember his father.

Caden, who was 9, certainly did — and starting fourth grade without his father’s support took a toll on the young man.

So more than a dozen county officers decided to accompany Caden on his first day of the 2019-20 school year.

“He was having a rough morning because he didn’t want to go to school without his dad being there,” Sgt. Charles Hewell, who personally attended the boy’s first day of school, said. “Seeing his reaction when he saw us made everything worth it.”

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Photos from the day show Caden surrounded by officers as he takes on a new year of school.

“Hall County Sheriff’s Deputies joined Caden Dixon and his mother Stephanie this morning as Caden began the new school year as a fourth-grader,” the sheriff’s office posted. “They wanted to give Caden and Stephanie some extra support and encouragement on this first day of class. The Sheriff’s Office and Hall County community are proud of them both.”

According to spokesman Derreck Booth, Dixon’s old crew has been especially caring toward his family.

“Since the tragedy last month, members of the watch and other deputies, particularly Sgt. Hewell, have been actively involved with serving and comforting Dixon’s family,” Booth said, according to CNN.

“He always had a smile on his face and was known for going beyond the call of duty to help citizens he came into contact with on his shift,” he continued.

Thanks to Sewell and the others, now Caden has a reason to smile, too.

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