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Dog with Horrific Skin Disease Found Cowering on Pile of Rocks, Looks Almost Invisible


Crushed in spirit and suffering alone in pain, a diseased dog lay pitifully on the streets of India.

Her fur was nearly absent as the mange parasites had turned her coat into hard, crusted, stone-like patches, almost like scales.

She was unable to help herself and was too fearful and weak to approach a human who, from her experience, would likely do more harm than good anyway.

The lonely dog was camouflaged into her surroundings, her grey, statue-like appearance matching the concrete ground on which she lay.

It was amazing that someone spotted the dog at all, and whoever saw her knew that the organization Animal Aid Unlimited could help.

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Animal Aid Unlimited, India, has a longstanding reputation of coming alongside the most dire of animal abuse and neglect situations, giving animals a helping hand and nursing them back to health.

“It’s almost impossible to spot her at first but you’ll soon see that this gravelly mound is a dog in the desperate grip of mange,” Animal Aid Unlimited explained on YouTube. “The mange parasites have caused a condition called crusting, and the pain and itching is part of the most extreme suffering imaginable.”

The itching is relentless, the pain never goes away. The top of the dog’s head, neck and upper back was covered in scaly patches that were making her life miserable.

Animal Aid gave this dog a fresh start and a fresh identity, beginning with a new name.

“We named this shy, frightened girl Shylo, and when you see her transformation you are seriously not going to recognize her as the same dog. But that’s what healing can look like: pure beauty.”

Shylo nervously allowed rescuers to bathe her and treat her skin, a process that had to be repeated many times to allow her skin to heal. She seemed caught between wanting the help and remaining on guard, just waiting for something bad to happen.

But little by little, Shylo let her guard down. She allowed rescuers to feed her, pet her and remain near.

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The gray scales were replaced by a healthy, glowing coat of golden fur, leaving Shylo looking like a completely different dog. Beauty radiated out of Shylo’s healed body, evidence of the internal transformation as well as the external.

Thanks to skilled, compassionate workers that came alongside Shylo, this sweet pup has a new chance to enjoy life.

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