Dog's Uncontrollable Barking Wakes Owners at 2 a.m., Mom Opens Garage Door to Flames


We love our pets, but constant barking right outside the window makes us wonder if having a pet was the best choice. Barking is the main way a dog communicates and, like it or not, as pet owners we must accept it on a certain level.

A dog’s voice says hello to the neighbors, or is a warning of stranger danger.

Though dog owners may find the  bark annoying at times, the Beaudreau family of St. Louis may have you rethinking the importance of what your dog is saying.

Early on Sunday morning the Beaudreau’s dog River began to act a little crazy. Owners Matt and Laura Beaudreau couldn’t figure out what was causing their dog to run around, barking wildly.

“I’m thinking, ‘What a pain in the butt. What’s wrong with you dog?’” said Laura. She tried treats and time outs, but nothing calmed the hyper pooch down.

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River, a black Labrador, just wouldn’t stop. After trying everything they could think of to calm him, both Matt and Laura decided to listen and explore the house for issues.

They were glad they did. A fire had begun in the attached garage and was quickly spreading. Thick smoke and flames threatened to engulf them.

Laura slammed the door shut in terror while River continued to bark her warning. They were able to grab their cell phones before panic set in.

Matt and Laura quickly woke their three children and headed to safety out of doors. As they left, the flames began to spread to the rest of the house.

Upon reflection, Matt remembers a strange odor in the house all day. No one suspected a destructive fire brewing.

The Beaudreau family is forever grateful for their dog River and her bark. It seems that River was on the case before the smoke detector had a chance to kick in.

As they watched the fire from a safe distance, all they could think about is how lucky they were. River is still on alert, watching for anything unusual.

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They know exactly what their dog is. “River is a hero,” said Laura. “She was sent like a guardian angel. She saved our lives.”

A friend of the family posted photos and a plea for assistance. “Everyone is safe thanks to their amazing dog, River; however they lost nearly everything in the fire,” she wrote.

The photos show the absolute devastation the fire caused. It’s a sobering thought to realize that, had River not acted, the family’s possessions would not have been the only thing lost in the fire.

The family could have been trapped in the house as well, doomed to the same fate as all their belongings. Thanks to one vigilant dog, the Beaudreaus are still a complete family.

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