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Elderly Man Falls to the Ground While Checking Mail, Driver Quickly Stops Traffic To Help


In a heartwarming video, a Tennessee driver stopped traffic to help an elderly man who had fallen down dangerously close to the highway.

The congested roads of Nashville suburbs can frustrate drivers at times as they try to get home quickly and painlessly.

Hurried drivers don’t always notice when something is wrong — or if they do notice, they prefer to just keep on driving.

But one Tennessee driver did notice when an elderly man fell dangerously close to the highway, and he chose to take the time to help.

The video was taken by Libby Miller, who was driving down a narrow road in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, when traffic came to an unexpected stop.

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At the front of the line was a black Malibu, parked with the hazard lights flashing.

Miller realized the driver of the Malibu had left his vehicle and walked across the highway to help an older man who had fallen down.

From the looks of things, the man had been checking his mail when he fell to the ground and struggled to get back on his feet.

Miller’s heart was warmed as she watched the good Samaritan help the man up and walk him back to his truck.

The good Samaritan waited until the older man was inside his truck before walking back across the highway.

The older man drove away, and the line of traffic on the highway started to move.

“Very Hip!!!” Miller later posted to the online Facebook community “Hip Mt. Juliet.”

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“Kindness still exists in our community,” she wrote. “Hope this warms your heart as much as it did mine to watch.”

According to the comments on Miller’s post, the man scraped his knees when he fell but was otherwise fine.

“His wife said a car drove by so fast that it caused him to lose his balance and fell down,” Allison Howard commented. “The car didn’t hit him.”

Thankfully, someone else was paying attention and didn’t hesitate to stop and help.

Mt. Juliet residents are proud of the kindness shining out of their community, agreeing that the good Samaritan’s actions were, as the local saying apparently goes, “very hip.”

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