Eptein's Cellmate Reveals Details of Pedophile's Final Days, Suicide and Celebs He Allegedly Knew


Interest in the case of Jeffrey Epstein has reached an all-time high. Epstein, a wealthy and extremely influential financier, was charged with multiple crimes related to the sexual abuse and sex trafficking of underage girls.

Questions regarding Epstein’s crimes have continued to surface, following the mysterious circumstances of his suicide and the many new revelations that have come forth during the trial of his most trusted confidant — Ghislaine Maxwell — who was allegedly complicit in his misdeeds.

Now, thanks to recent testimony from Epstein’s former cellmate, even more information has been revealed.

The cellmate, Bill Mersey, told Cindy Adams — a columnist for the New York Post — all about the circumstances in the prison that may have led to Epstein’s death.

This brings some important context to the question of whether or not Jeffrey Epstein actually committed suicide — the debate so prominent it has generated one of today’s most popular internet memes, “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Doubters of the suicide narrative point to several inconvenient facts about the case that suggest he may not have killed himself.

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These include: Epstein had told multiple experts he had no intention of killing himself, the fact that his girlfriend was shocked and surprised by his death and given his many connections to prominent celebrities and politicians, there are many powerful people out there who, if complicit in his sex trafficking crimes, would have wanted him dead.

Mersey’s testimony seems to highlight a different side to the story, however.

According to Mersey, the “suicide cells” Epstein had been held in at the time of his death were not adequately monitored. Oftentimes, inmates with “a whole three hours’ training” were responsible for watching the cells when trained psychologists were not available.

Do you believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?

“If you didn’t want to kill yourself before, you would after a few days at MCC,” Mersey told Adams.

Mersey seemed to think that Epstein certainly killed himself.

“Inmates were stowed away in 50 square feet with a cellmate and nothing to do but kill themselves. No commissary or phone access. ‘Training’ was mostly ogling the female psychologist teaching it. The pay, 12 cents, up to 40 cents, an hour,” Mersey said.

“Epstein was soft as a pillow and not prepared to handle this. He requested protective custody. He was scared, and he did not get over it. Handling prison constantly occupied his mind. To sleep he’d place an orange prison sock over his eyes.”

When Epstein did interact with other inmates, he would brag about the celebrities he knew and give the other inmates financial advice.

“Stocks are like women,” Epstein once said, according to Mersey. “You have to study to see what makes them happy. Observe their reaction to international news. Then you can predict their movements, and that’s how you win.”

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Apparently, on one occasion, Mersey believes he saw evidence that Epstein had even attempted to commit suicide before.

Epstein looked “depressed” and “suicidal” and had “neck abrasions” from a possible attempted hanging, Mersey recounted.

On another night someone reported hearing the sound of tearing sheets coming from Epstein’s cell. The next morning, he was found dead.

“Nobody killed him. Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. No reason not to believe it. That Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, I have no doubt,” Mersey stated.

Although convincing, this testimony does contradict previous comments Mersey had given.

Mersey told Fox Nation in March of 2020 that Epstein did not appear suicidal or even depressed.

“He was not depressed, although I would have conversations with him and every so often he’d sort of drift off and I’d go, ‘Ah, he’s thinking about the s***storm he’s in the middle of,'” Mersey told Fox.

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