Flashback: Remember When Cuomo Was a COVID Hero? Here Are Just a Few Examples of Fawning Media Coverage


Despite the multitude of reasons to criticize Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the only things that have stuck with the liberal media thus far are the sexual misconduct allegations confirmed by his own state’s attorney general following an investigation.

It’s been a night-and-day difference since. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation in light of the development on Tuesday. President Joe Biden did the same, and 86 of the 150 New York state Assembly members say it’s time to file impeachment proceedings — unless Cuomo decides to get out on his own first.

Yes, it’s putting one of the most controversial governors and pandemic figures in a tough spot, but from those of us who admonished his character long before these allegations were ever confirmed — back when those on the left and their establishment media partners hailed him as the country’s COVID response figurehead — we’re now giving out our fair shares of “I told you so.”

The Cuomo love fest is something they’re eager to erase from history, I’m sure.

Unfortunately for them, it isn’t that simple.

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Let’s go back to last year — more specifically toward the onset of the pandemic that March — when none other than CNN sang his praises.

“The New York governor offers something simple and, to many viewers, deeply necessary: a sense that someone is in charge, even if the news is bad — and consistently getting worse,” one article read.

The outlet went on to compare Cuomo’s pandemic leadership to then-President Donald Trump’s — claiming that Cuomo, in CNN’s words, “projected competence and authority” during his news conferences while Trump remained “meandering” in his.

In a separate CNN article from May of last year, the network’s editor-at-large said that Cuomo “may be the single most popular politician in America” for his handling of the pandemic.

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And here we are with an April 2020 tweet from political strategist and commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas.

“These @NYGovCuomo press conferences are chicken soup for the soul. He’s setting an example of rising above partisanship and seeking cooperation when America needs it most. Such a contrast between Cuomo press conferences and the Trumpaganda we get from the Liar-in-Chief,” she wrote.

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Three days later, Navarro commended him again.

“Are you guys watching this @NYGovCuomo press conference? He’s doling out all sorts of life wisdom. I love this guy.”

It’s a stark contrast from her more recent tweets, for sure. But even her so-called admonishments of Cuomo manage to spin the narrative back to the GOP in an immaculate display of “whataboutism.”

MSNBC joined in on praising Cuomo at the time as well, helping portray him as the familiar, wise and unwavering authority on the pandemic with headlines like “Cuomo Shuts Down Coronavirus Hoax Theories: ‘Facts Are Facts'” and, let us not forget, its national correspondent Joy Reid’s outpour of affection for him.

These are only a few examples of too many to mention, but a good, comprehensive source to fall back on (if you’re interested) comes from commentator Drew Holden’s Thread Reader post.

So, there you have it. Those on the left praised Cuomo as their pandemic darling for months, but now they’re eager to wash their hands of him as his public image falls apart.

Maybe next time, they’ll pick someone who won’t self-destruct.

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