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Gender Reveal Gone Wrong: Watch Dad-To-Be Chase Down Balloon as It Flies Away


When it comes to gender reveal parties, most people either love them or hate them.

As a society, we’ve found many ways to celebrate milestones we’ve never celebrated before, including that special time when you discover whether the baby you’ll be having is a boy or a girl.

Ultrasounds and even blood tests at earlier and earlier stages of pregnancy can help you prepare for team blue or team pink, though there’s still a handful of people who prefer to find out the old-fashioned way.

For those who do opt for a gender reveal party, the drama is in the reveal, so people get pretty creative with the ways they announce their baby’s gender to close friends and family.

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Blue or pink cakes are so last-decade. Balloons in boxes are standard.

But balloons inside balloons, or colored confetti inside giant balloons — that one is still pretty popular.

Of course, the whole deal is that you have to pop the balloon to see if blue or pink comes out, but one couple recently demonstrated they’re not quite sure how to do that.

In a video that originated on Instagram, according to Fox News, the parents-to-be take turns hitting a tethered black balloon with what look like wooden broom handles.

The dad-to-be, wearing a blue shirt, and the mom-to-be, wearing a pink dress, don’t make much headway with the balloon, and they don’t seem to notice when it breaks free of its mooring.

Despite the onlookers cheering them on, the balloon remains intact.

The shouts of encouragement quickly change to shouts of surprise and warning when the black orb drifts skyward, but by then it’s too late.

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Though the trailing string is far out of reach, the dad makes a valiant attempt to hoist himself over the fence in pursuit.

Momentum and gravity are not on his side, and instead of clearing the fence in a graceful bound, he ends up smacking it sideways and then falling to the ground.

Though the balloon is lost and the reveal … compromised, the crowd is perhaps more amused than it would have been if everything had gone according to plan.

Viewers have enjoyed the scene just as much, even without personally knowing the parents-to-be.

Hopefully this couple still got to find out whether they’re expecting a boy or girl, and while a quicker and more effective way of sharing the news might be helpful in the future, this is also pretty memorable.

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