Mainstream Filth: NBC Contributor Becomes Spokesman for Murky Organization, Attempts to 'Normalize' Pedophilic Thoughts


The left has, for too long, dismissed conservative claims that the LGBT agenda normalizes the sexualization of children as “homophobic” or “bigoted.”

Yeah … about that.

An NBC contributor and vocal proponent of the LGBT movement has been slated as the spokesman for an organization with uncomfortably close ties to the sexualization of children.

Activist Noah Berlatsky is an ideal choice for this organization, as it happens, as he himself also has a long history of promoting the very same thing.

What’s incredibly stunning, however, is that he isn’t just some fringe liberal arts college academic no one’s ever heard of. He’s a contributor to one of the nation’s major news outlets as well as several other huge platforms, and his appointment to this position will no doubt only further legitimize the faction of LGBT Americans who vocally support the acceptance of pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography and child sexuality.

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And yes — Berlatsky and the organization, Prostasia, appear to be supportive of all of these things, however shrouded with seemingly conflicting claims to be interested in protecting children from sexual abuse.

Berlatsky is a writer and editor who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has contributed to, among other outlets, The Atlantic, The Guardian, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Salon, Slate, Media Matters, and of course, NBC News.

It appears that he is now the communications director for the non-profit organization Prostasia, which as The Post Millennial recently detailed at length, gives off the very conspicuous impression of working to normalize pedophilia.

This is fitting — he seems to have worked with the organization for some time and has shared tweets from one Dr. James Cantor, also affiliated with Prostasia, who, in a now-deleted tweet captured in a screenshot by Post Millenial, argued that a “P” for pedophiles should be included under the extensive LGBT+ banner.

Prostasia has a support group for “Minor Attracted Persons” for adults and teens over the age of 13, which is described as a “peer support chat for minor attracted people who are fundamentally against child sexual abuse and committed to never harm children, and is a safe space to have peer support in times of trouble.”

“Prostasia bills itself as ‘a new kind of child protection organization’ that has a different approach to protecting children than the current methods of social work and law enforcement, saying that these approaches ‘are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence,’” the Post Millennial explains.

One of these novel approaches is validating the desires of “minor attracted persons” who they believe can be “committed to never offending.”

Despite this apparent commitment to supporting those who are attracted to children but do not want to harm them or view child pornography, however, Anna Slatz recently wrote for the feminist website 4W that they nonetheless “have dedicated themselves to crusades against child pornography bans, letter-writing campaigns to state representatives demanding child-likeness sex dolls be kept legal, and funding research into ‘fantasy sexual outlets‘ for pedophiles.”

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“Prostasia sees the threat pedophiles pose to children as a bogeyman dreamed up by the alt-right, while condemning anti-pedophile sentiment as harmful ‘Nazi-like’ rhetoric which requires mass censorship across social media,” Slatz wrote.

“In Prostasia’s blog entries, ‘child protection’ routinely ends up in the same sentences as ‘free speech,’ ‘kink,’ or ‘sex positivity.’ The topics of age play, furries, hentai [anime or manga pornography], and prostitution are spoken about no differently as, and often with no barrier between, child sexuality and child sexual abuse,” Slatz noted.

You can see for yourself by visiting the organization’s website — but you have most certainly been warned … it’s nauseating, horrifying and infuriating.

Do you believe there's a conscious effort to promote pedophilia?

One stunning example of Prostatsia and Berlatsky’s openness to accepting and promoting child sexuality is an interview he conducted for the group with a porn star who glowingly promoted the idea of exposing children to pornography, recalling a wonderful experience she had as a child discovering nude photographs and developing an insatiable appetite for smut — at the age of 8.

“The anti-porn crusaders fear that children being exposed to sex is going to lead them to some kind of ultimate demoralization,” Mireille Miller-Young told an apparently entirely supportive Berlatsky in a July interview for Prostatsia.

“And, of course, the socialization that pornographic materials can provide at that age can be interpreted in different ways. And my experience was of it being joyful and fun. It was an image of beauty and sexiness that influenced my ideas about sexuality through life,” she declared.

Another example is an article he wrote for The New Republic in 2016 headlined, “Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police,” which sympathetically president a professor arguing for the decriminalization of minors engaging in sex work.

(Cops and the criminal justice system are worse for the kids than their pimps, the article essentially argues.)

So, Belatsky is full of empathy — though it might not be a surprise that there’s one group he has no empathy for: supporters of former President Donald Trump.

In a YouTube video from 2019, in fact, he spent the better part of an hour bashing any idea of trying to understand Trump’s backers.

Berlatsky has issued tweets from his now-protected Twitter account defending practices like child prostitution.

No, really.

Referring to trafficked children as “young people trading in sex,” according to Twitter posts captured in screenshots by the Post Millennial, he has argued that child sex trafficking laws somehow victimize children rather than help them escape a sick and disgusting cycle of abuse and exploitation.

He’s also written that “Pedophiles are essentially a stigmatized group” and that people “love accusing people of pedophilia” as it’s apparently “an explosive accusation linked historically to queer people and Jewish people and sex workers.” (The quotes are again from Twitter posts captured in screenshots by the Post Millennial.)

Or perhaps people accuse people of pedophilia when they actively oppose laws restricting the production of child pornographic images, fight to get pedophiles recognized under the banner of LGBT, and support the idea of exposing children to pornography.

As far as such outrageous ideas go, Berlatsky is in good (well, abhorrently immoral) company in today’s “sex-positive” culture that seems to serve only as a very, very thinly veiled push to normalize child sexuality.

There was the Manhattan prep school teacher who taught kindergartners about masturbation and gave high school students a “porn literacy” seminar.

There was the blue-check writer Flora Gill, who has been published by GQ, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, among other outlets, who wrote in a since-deleted tweet earlier this year that “Someone needs to create porn for children.”

“Young teens are already watching porn but they’re finding hardcore, aggressive videos that give a terrible view of sex. They need entry level porn! A soft core site where everyone asks for consent and no one gets choked,” she argued.

Maybe Prostasia has an opening for Gill, too.

There is also the trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon, himself a blue checkmark on Twitter, who once wrote that fears that transgender bathroom laws could little girls being sexually assaulted by adult men were misplaced as there are “no innocent victims” because “little girls are also kinky.”

Vaid-Menon also appeared on self-identified non-binary pop star Demi Lovato’s YouTube channel earlier this year and was the subject of an HBO Max documentary in 2020:

Meanwhile, across the nation, schools have been using sex-ed curricula under the umbrella of so-called “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” backed by the abortion provider Planned Parenthood and entirely centered around the ideology of “sex-positive” yet is more accurately described as “Grooming 101.”

The push to normalize child sexuality has been burgeoning over the last few decades, but only in the last few years has it gotten this far into legitimacy, and suddenly we find it is at the heart of mainstream media and parts of public education.

There is no longer any basis whatsoever to dismiss the opposition to this dangerous and disgusting ideology as hysterical, homophobic, or bigoted.

It’s never been more clear that, as the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir so gleefully celebrated earlier this year, they are, indeed, coming for our children.

Are you paying attention yet?

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Isa is a homemaker, homeschooler, and writer who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and two children. After being raised with a progressive atheist worldview, she came to the Lord as a young woman and now has a heart to restore the classical Christian view of femininity.
Isa is a homemaker, homeschooler, and writer who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and two children. After being raised with a progressive atheist worldview, she came to the Lord as a young woman and now has a heart to restore the classical Christian view of femininity.