Man with Home Overlooking Border Tells Americans What He Witnesses Every Night


Americans who live in border states are under siege thanks to the Biden administration’s catastrophic policies that incentivize mass illegal immigration.

Dennis Cook, who has lived on the U.S. side of the Arizona-Mexico border for nine years, said illegal border crossings have skyrocketed since Joe Biden became president.

“[Back] then we might have 100 a month. Now we have well over 100 a day, every day,” he told Fox News. “It goes on all night long.”

The border wall, which is in Cook’s backyard, was built under former President Donald Trump.

However, illegal crossings have exploded under Biden because a gap in the border wall near Yuma has allowed hundreds of people to slip through daily, Fox News reported.

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Biden halted construction of the border wall on the first day he was installed in the White House.

Arizona Republicans pledged to finish the wall or add fencing but have made no concrete progress toward this goal.

Unfortunately, illegal immigration will continue to soar as the White House pushes to lift Title 42, a Trump-era pandemic measure that allows the government to immediately deport illegal aliens due to public health concerns.

A federal judge blocked the Biden administration’s plan to end the policy last month.

Rita, a resident of the Texas border town of Rio Grande, supports extending Title 42 to stem the flood of illegal aliens barraging her neighborhood.

“It’s a good thing,” she told Fox News. “Because we have to be taking care of our safety, first of all. Our health.”

The Biden administration’s open-borders policy has been a boon for predatory human smugglers and a scourge for struggling Americans who live in border states.

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Frightened residents have sounded the alarm for more than a year — to no avail — as the Biden administration continues to promote dangerous policies that encourage mass illegal immigration.

Emily Lord King, a rancher in southern Texas, has said smugglers crash the fences on her property and use her land as a dumping ground for illegal aliens.

She said her ranch is under siege by migrants who are dropped off by smugglers while overwhelmed Border Patrol officials are unprepared to deal with the daily barrage.

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“I don’t feel like law enforcement was prepared for it,” King told Fox News in March 2021. “I don’t think they have the resources.”

“And now we have human smugglers that are driving right through fences onto our property. They’re [members of law enforcement are] not apprehending everyone that’s in those vehicles and they’re left on our property, running loose. We don’t feel safe,” she added.

Similarly, Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County, Texas (population: 800), said residents of his small border community are terrified because they’re sitting ducks for marauding bands of illegal aliens who break into their homes to steal food, water, guns and other supplies.

“Typically they break in, they try to find food, water, things to continue on their journey,” West told Fox News in July 2021. “Here recently, we had a break-in where they broke into the house and stole a bunch of guns. That’s a big concern.”

Biden is directly to blame for this nightmare because his lax policies have transformed the southern border into a welcome mat for armies of unvetted migrants.

Reminder: In the year preceding the 2020 election, then-candidate Biden frivolously urged illegal aliens to flood the border, suggesting he would allow them to stay if elected.

Nothing that’s happening today is accidental. The United States is undergoing a leftist social re-engineering that’s transforming the country for the worse on every level.

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