Mom Begs Community for Prayers After Claiming Extreme Mold Outbreak Left Son Severely Poisoned

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A worried mom is begging for prayers and support after she claimed to have discovered the cause of all of her son’s medical issues: a dangerous mold outbreak in her home.

For years, Valerie Anne felt like she was fighting an uphill battle with her son Jacob’s many health concerns. According to a recent Facebook post, Valerie Anne was brushed off by doctors and even lawyers, but she continued to fight for justice for her child, who struggled with an onslaught of complicated symptoms.

In the post, Valerie Anne shared her family’s 5-year journey to understand all the reasons her son was suffering.

“I never imagined sharing this so … publicly and so vulnerably,” she wrote. “But here I am. Because we’ve hit a point of needing prayers more than ever.”

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According to Valerie Anne, her son Jacob was finally diagnosed with mold toxicity poisoning after years of confusion when the family at last found a doctor who was able to test for the disease.

Have you ever heard of mold toxicity poisoning?

The results were “absolutely shocking but it finally connected all the heartbreaking pieces together,” she wrote.

Valerie Anne explained that her son had been dealing with the swelling of his brain, “which causes a LONG list of neurological disorders including but not limited to ADHD, Tourette’s with motor and facial tics, crippling anxiety, a severe deficit in impulse control, and more … needless to say, it’s been a long 5 years.”

“The mold was in Jacobs bathroom, behind our kitchen sink and in the master bath.”

“So every time Jacob was in the home, he would have random bouts of hives, brain inflammation, some of the most extreme nose bleeds I’ve ever experienced, where blood would be pouring out his nose and mouth simultaneously.”

She urged mothers to trust their instincts, even if the experts don’t always agree.

“We fully trusted our sons health to his Pediatric Nuerologist at Balboa who looked me right in the eyes and said ‘these things just happen … I recommend you increase his (insert ADHD medication) to see if that helps,'” the post continued, as the exhausted mom shared her frustrations. “More medication. A bandaid. Let’s cover up his symptoms but not get to the root of WHY this is happening.”

Valerie Anne claimed that after her family finally found the culprit, they fought to have the mold removed from their home without any cooperation from the military base where they were living at the time.

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The determined mother begged in her post for help keeping the faith and fighting on.

“Right now, my family needs prayers. Prayers for Jacobs health, prayers for strength for me and Jason to endure this, prayers that’s God will place the right people in our lives in order to seek the justice that Jacob deserves.”

She went a step further, asking for prayers on behalf of those who she said had brushed their family aside and stood in the way of the diagnosis.

Pray for the hearts of everyone on the other side, who was against us and doubted us,” she said.

“I will never stop fighting for my children. Ever. Until I draw my last breath on this Earth. I won’t stop fighting.”

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ