Punk Tries to Steal Her Car While Pumping Gas. But He Never Expected Her to Do This


Having your vehicle stolen is never an ideal situation. More often than not, these criminal acts are done when the victim is nowhere in sight.

But there have been times where people have witnessed their vehicle get jacked right before their eyes.

And in some cases, they have been able to actually stop the thief from taking their car.

Wisconsin native, Melissa Smith, took her chances when she was involved in a carjacking incident May 2017.

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In a surveillance video that eventually went viral, Smith was refilling her fuel at a Milwaukee gas station.

As she stood on the passenger side pumping gas, some punk hopped into the driver side with intentions to steal her car.

Smith told CNN she didn’t see the man until she noticed someone was inside her vehicle.

But when the cost of her car flashed into her mind, she immediately thought, “I’m not dealing with this sort of crap today!”

Within moments, Smith jumped onto the hood in an attempt to stop the thief. She figured the hood would be a better strategic move compared to hanging on the side and getting dragged down the road.

“I was screaming at him,” Smith said. “I pounded on the windshield a couple times.”

In return, the carjacker just laughed at her hysterical antics. He even tried turning on the wipers and hitting the breaks to throw her off, but Smith wouldn’t budge.

With the car still in drive, the thief hopped out and fled the scene in another vehicle. Smith quickly entered her car to stop it from rolling even further.

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A daring feat turned successful for Smith, but it came with a life lesson too.

Someone wrote on BBC News’ Facebook video: “Don’t be stupid enough to leave the keys in the car…”

Well, that’s one habit she’s planning on changing. “I will never get out of my car and not lock it, and have my keys with me,” she stated.

Some people felt that Smith’s actions were brave rather than risky. Would you have also gone to extreme measures in this type of situation?

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