Shortest 'Judge Judy' Case Ever Leaves Her Laughing in Disbelief 'Dumb and Dumber'


No matter who you are, you know who Judge Judy is.

Her sass and ruthlessness has touched countless generations and is beloved and respected by all.

She’s had made friends and enemies across the country and years after her show aired for the first time, she and the show’s ratings are still going strong.

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Some cases are difficult to decide on, she has to dig deep to ensure she makes the right decision.

However, there are other cases that are not so hard.

In one particular case Judge Judy was dealing with, a young woman had her purse snatched by two thieves.

While in court, the woman attempted to prove the men were guilty and went into detail about why she should be fairly compensated.

She was forced to replace her license, debit cards, and credit cards. She lost cash. She lost a lot of money replacing all that was stolen.

And anyone who has lost a debit, credit, or identification card knows that the stress of replacing those missing items can often be worse than any amount of money that is stolen.

But where things took a delightful turn was in the moments that followed.

The woman continued to list of things she had to replace from her wallet.

“There was an earpiece,” the woman said.

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That’s when one thief cut her off with one of the stupidest things that has ever been said in Judy’s courtroom.

“Um, there was no ear piece in there ma’am.” The entire courtroom erupted with laughter at his thoughtless admission to the crime.

Judy grinned from ear to ear and chuckled.

“Oh, I love it! I love it!”

Looking over at the police officer to her left, she pointed to the men and whispered under her breath “dumb and dumber.”

The plaintiff won her case and the thieves were sentenced to pay her $500 dollars.

“That’s what I think its worth, madam. Goodbye.”

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