Tucker Carlson: ‘Dr. Fauci Was Revealed as a Power-Mad Incompetent’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson torpedoed Dr. Anthony Fauci as a “power-mad incompetent,” saying the career bureaucrat knew that schools should not have shut down amid the media’s panic-pimping yet allowed it to happen anyway.

As a result, Fauci has done incalculable damage to millions of children, who were forced to stay home for months when they should’ve been at school, learning and socializing.

“The country’s public health establishment has tortured your children for eight months for no apparent reason,” Carlson said Monday. “That story has not received a lot of coverage, but it has been confirmed tonight. The authorities have admitted it: 60 million American children languishing in their rooms since spring, sitting in front of screens, learning nothing, isolated from human contact, in many cases, driven to mental illness.”

“We can now report there was no reason for any of that. The experts were wrong,” Carlson continued. “They had no idea what they were doing. But the most amazing part — and this really is the headline of the story — is that they knew they were wrong when they did it. But they kept lying about it, even as American children began to kill themselves.”

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Tucker pointed out that “Tony Fauci knew it, too, though he didn’t say anything about it. Now, he’s decided to say something about it eight months late.”

Carlson then remarked that “Dr. Fauci was revealed as a power-mad incompetent.”

Tucker was referring to a new interview that camera hog Fauci gave this week, where he said children should be in school because the data do not support the media’s unscientific contention that reopening schools is a death sentence.

So-called experts now concede that President Donald Trump was right from the beginning: Schools should never have shut down because children are at minuscule risk of either contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Carlson said the only reason why the establishment media breathlessly screeched that schools should shut down was that their pathological Trump Derangement Syndrome induced them to rabidly oppose anything the president said.

“What was this about?” Tucker asked. “Of course, you know the answer: It was about Donald Trump. Donald Trump in this case agreed with the doctors [who said schools should not shut down]. Therefore, the doctors had to be mocked and ignored.”

Carlson played an excerpt of a statement Trump made in July, when he urged schools to reopen, saying keeping children at home was doing more harm than the virus.

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Tucker then recounted how numerous scientific studies underscored that children are not at high risk to spread or contract the coronavirus. Nevertheless, Anthony Fauci and the left-wing media ignored the science and falsely claimed otherwise.

Carlson said this was done to pander to teachers unions, which are among the largest donors to the Democratic Party.

“In April … a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that school-aged children who get the coronavirus ‘develop only mild symptoms and typically recover within two weeks,'” Carlson recalled. “Months later, same story, in June, a study in The Lancet affirmed this: ‘COVID-19 is generally a mild disease in children, including in infants.’

“Other studies found the exact same thing. No studies found anything but that. … But if you’re looking for more evidence, check the death rates. … So far in New Jersey, not a single school-aged child has died from the coronavirus.

“In California, the biggest state in the United States — 40 million people live there — a total of two people under the age of 18 have died from the coronavirus. Two,” Carlson went on. “The numbers nationwide, according to the latest CDC numbers, 123 Americans under the age of 18 have died from the coronavirus: 123 out of 350 million. We shut the schools anyway, crushing millions of kids, affecting their futures in ways we can’t even understand at this point.

“So the question is, why did we do this? The answer is to save the teachers. The teachers unions pushed this, and their servants in the Democratic Party obeyed. They’re the single largest donors to the Democratic Party, so of course they did.”

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