911 Operator Knows Pregnant Mom Doesn't Have Much Time, Tells Grandpa How To Deliver Baby


When an emergency dispatcher picks up the phone, he or she needs to be prepared to handle whatever words come out of the caller’s mouth in a professional demeanor.

Within moments, the dispatcher bears the responsibility of initiating an appropriate response to a high-stakes situation in just a matter of moments.

Like a police officer or EMT, a dispatcher never knows what type of calls a shift will bring, but they are prepared to tackle anything.

An emergency dispatcher from Kansas is just one of the heroes who helped usher the safe arrival of a baby born at an unexpected home birth on Nov. 8.

It was around 3 a.m. when a Harvey County Communications dispatcher, identified as Courtney B., received a call from a man in rural Kansas.

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The man explained that his daughter was in active labor, and there was no way they’d make it to a hospital before the baby’s birth.

Courtney calmly took control of the situation, guiding the grandpa-to-be on how to assist his daughter during delivery.

According to The Wichita Eagle, the mother delivered a healthy baby girl about seven minutes before firefighters and paramedics arrived.

The baby’s safe arrival was likely a huge sigh of relief for Courtney, Grandpa, and mom — who certainly had the most physically demanding task.

“Well, that’s a first,” Harvey County Communications said of the ordeal on Facebook.

The post went on to praise Courtney for handling the situation in such a professional manner, as well as grandpa, who they said “calmly” followed Courtney’s instructions.

Assisting in a home birth was a first for the dispatch team.

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“This is the first time they have helped deliver a baby, as typically these calls come from in town, and paramedics arrive before the delivery,” the post explained. “But not this time!”

“Great Job, Courtney, a stork pin is on order!”

The mother and her daughter were taken to a local hospital where both were determined to be in good health.

In an updated post, Harvey County Communications said they spoke with grandpa the day after the birth.

“He was most appreciative of Courtney’s skill and demeanor; he said it felt like Courtney had done this many times before,” the post read.

He added that mom and baby are doing fine and are expected to be home from the hospital within a day or two.

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