Cop Pulls Over Car for Speeding, But It's Carrie Underwood Behind the Wheel!


What began as a routine stop for a police officer in Brentwood, Tennessee, quickly turned into a remarkable story.

When the officer turned on his lights and chased down the speeding vehicle, he was likely unprepared for the perpetrator driving the car in front of him.

When he walked to the driver’s side window and motioned for the tinted windows to be rolled down, the reveal must have been akin to a curtain call.

However, instead of seeing Carrie Underwood on stage, he had front row tickets to the country music superstar nervously sitting in her Mercedes SUV.

Although the rest of us are familiar with her heartfelt performances, the nervous energy she must have displayed here has likely never been seen in stadium concerts.

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Even though she didn’t have to, she revealed this embarrassment to the public in a tweet on Jan. 29.

It seems that this small infraction was a significant emotional event for the treasured country singer. We hope that she didn’t cry too much, as the cop let her off with just a warning.

However, to have never have received a speeding violation before speaks volumes of the singer’s commitment to the rules. Her hashtags are especially reflective of her conformist self-image.

A short snippet of the dashcam footage shows the initial interaction between Underwood and the officer. She acknowledges her mistake and claims she had, “no excuse.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the conversation is left to the imagination. Did he make it clear he recognized her? Did her ask for an autograph?

The viewer must wonder if the officer’s stoic demeanor at the beginning of the video is maintained throughout the interaction.

One can hope the officer had a good sense of humor. Personally, I am already formulating half a dozen puns working in the lyrics, “Jesus take the wheel.”

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Underwood humbly presented the lessons she learned from this event. We should aspire to do the same when we slip up.

Furthermore, we should strive to maintain the rules of the roads, for the safety of all. There is no need to rush through life. Enjoy the time you have.

The next time we see Underwood in the news, I imagine the topic will be about another stellar performance–lesson learned.

However, I wouldn’t blame the officer for telling this story for years to come. Who would miss out on that kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

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