De Blasio Calls for Complete Gov't Takeover Seconds After Bashing Gov't Response to Pandemic


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for the federal government to nationalize factories and other industries as the country grapples with the spread of the coronavirus.

His reasoning for a massive government takeover? In an ironic twist, the mayor says the federal government is not adequately handling the pandemic.

Apparently, if you’re a Democrat, the answer to the perceived failings of a large, centralized government is to give that government even more power over its citizens.

Appearing on MSNBC Saturday, de Blasio discussed how New York City is handling the coronavirus outbreak with “AM Joy” host Joy Reid.

The mayor described the illness as “a war-time scenario” and complained that the Trump administration is approaching it with “a Mar-a-Lago attitude.”

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“Where is the federal government making sure that our hospitals have the ventilators we’re going to need? Where is the federal government when it comes to surgical masks — getting them distributed?” de Blasio asked.

The failed 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful then argued that the coronavirus outbreak is evidence that it is time to nationalize important sectors of the economy by taking over private industries and transitioning to a wartime economy — essentially equating the coronavirus to the country’s enemies in the Second World War.

“This is a case for a nationalization, literally, a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need,” he said.

De Blasio then blamed the federal government for a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer and other products.

After presenting his argument for a government takeover of industry, the Democrat told Reid he feels it is “impossible to believe the federal government.”

How does de Blasio reconcile arguing to increase the size of a federal government that he openly admits he doesn’t trust?

How can the mayor blame the Trump administration for supposedly not doing enough while he and other Democrats argue that President Donald Trump already abuses the power he has?

Democrats don’t seem to understand how absurd they sound by constantly hammering the president — whom they have described as a “dictator” for making executive decisions — while simultaneously arguing his office should have more power than it currently does.

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It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback when your party has been sitting on the sidelines for two months politicizing a potentially historic pandemic in order to raise campaign funds and score cheap political points.

Trump acted quickly in January to impose travel restrictions on China, and his administration’s response has grown more serious in recent weeks as more cases of the coronavirus have spread throughout the country.

Thanks in large part to the politicization of the pandemic by Democrats and a majority of the anti-Trump establishment media, many people are in a state of panic.

During a news briefing Sunday, Trump urged Americans to stop buying and hoarding items such as hand sanitizer.

“Relax, we’re doing great,” the president said after announcing that national distribution chains are functioning normally after he had conversations with some of the country’s largest retailers.

The current shortage of hand sanitizer and other sanitary goods is, of course, due to uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, which has resulted in fearful Americans buying large quantities of products.

As demand for such goods increases, the market will adjust to that demand through increased production and distribution. It is already happening. That’s the way capitalism works.

The country, despite a climate of uncertainty, should be wary of big government shills such as de Blasio — who also supports Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ calls to nationalize the energy industry, health care and Wall Street in his crusade to save Americans from capitalism.

As President Ronald Reagan said in 1986, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

If the Democrats unseat Trump in November, there might very well be plenty of industry for them to nationalize. And they can thank the president for that.

Trump has spent three years building an economy that works for all Americans, and as a result, American industry has come roaring back.

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