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Neighbors Chase Down Coyote When They Spot Helpless Pomeranian Clamped in Its Mouth


Coyotes have become more and more prevalent in neighborhoods and cities as they adapt and as humans continue to expand our own territories.

Even though you might occasionally stumble across a dog and coyote mix, the two critters generally don’t mix well.

Coyotes are known for being long-legged thieves, stealing people’s small pets left and right.

They’re not as skittish as they used to be, and the bolder they get, the more daring their heists.

One such bold coyote in Scottsdale, Arizona, has earned itself quite a reputation.

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According to comments on a Facebook post last month by local Jennifer Hutsko, neighbors in the area thought the coyote might be living in a nearby park.

According to Hutsko’s comments, the coyote had killed another dog, named Bear, a few weeks prior — and if it had had its way, it would’ve added one of Hutsko’s three Pomeranians to its kill count.

KPNX reported the small dog was originally in Hutsko’s backyard when it was attacked by the coyote. Thankfully, someone spotted the grab and began pursuing the coyote in their car, honking their horn.

Another neighbor began chasing after the would-be thief while yet another filmed the entire terrifyingly bizarre scene.

“The video that you see, she looks like a rag doll,” Hutsko told KPNX. “She was limp and I think all of her fur saved her.”

In the video, you can see the coyote racing down the street with the Pomeranian, Khloe, in its mouth. The little dog is motionless and it’s very likely that her dense coat did help protect her.

“One of the guys saw the car honking its horn, chasing after the coyote, coming down the street,” Hutsko explained. “He took off after the coyote, sprinted after the coyote and by some sheer miracle, the coyote dropped Khloe.”

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As the coyote continued running, it happened upon the memorial in the park for the dog it had allegedly killed two weeks prior.

When it ran by the gathering, people realized the coyote had someone else’s pet in its mouth, and they took off after it, at which point it finally let Khloe go.

“She was very lucky,” the owner continued in comments under the video she posted. “Only injury to her right shoulder. She is eating and walking and still in pain. But doing better.”

With this call too close for comfort, Hutsko definitely has some plans in place to secure her property from future attacks.

“For the three dogs now, since the attack, the two — Khloe and Dory — they go in their cages, and the puppy, Truffle, she goes into a pen,” Hutsko said.

“I’m going to probably put in a dog run, with a cover, so that way the owls, the hawks, the coyotes, they can’t get in touch with any of my pets.”

There are many things pet owners can go to keep their small pets from a coyote-related death. Keeping dogs on leashes while outdoors is crucial, and there are plenty of outdoor pens that are designed to keep coyotes out.

While plenty of larger dogs are able to scare off the threats, the little ones rely on their owners for protection. If your area has coyote sightings, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra vigilant with any pets that may be snacking size.

Not all of us have neighbors who are as available or helpful as Hutsko’s!

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