Oct. 3 Is 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' - Encourage the Children in Your Family To Stand for Christ


While Oct. 31 will overshadow it, Oct. 3 deserves attention too, because it has been designated “Bring Your Bible to School Day,’ according to CBN News.

Focus on the Family, the Christian family organization founded by Dr. James Dobson, is promoting the event as a chance for students to both represent their faith and live it out by sharing it with others.

The day itself, however, is meant to be the launching point for students to spend an entire year focusing on their faith.

Using monthly challenges, Focus on the Family hopes to keep families engaged throughout the year by providing actionable ideas for how students can better live out their faith, both at school and online.

As we might sadly expect in this day and age, included on the Bring Your Bible webpage is a section on the legal rights that allow students to promote and participate in the event.

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Over time, public schools have become notoriously intolerant of Christian teaching, as The Western Journal has documented, among other places, here, here, here, here and here.

Much of the hostility toward Christianity in schools has been given teeth by atheist organizations that systematically file lawsuits against any government entity that allows even the faintest hint of religious activity on campus.

Students participating in Bring Your Bible to School Day may risk discipline, depending on local school policies and what the students do with their Bibles.

Focus on the Family’s program could hardly come at a more needful time.

Do you support "Bring Your Bible to School Day"?

Crime and abortion metrics are down, but sexually charged, explicit and pornographic material is only becoming more readily available thanks to technology. Even worse, online child pornography is at an all-time high.

Our culture also increasingly accepts lifestyles and sexual behavior that the Bible warns against.

A return to the values articulated in the Bible would do the country more good than a lifetime of President Donald Trump’s economic plans or Bill Gates’ billions of dollars donated to charity, and that return will only come as Christians stand for their faith and share it lovingly and compassionately with those around them.

Cultural decay in America was staved off in the past by the First and Second Great Awakenings, and arguably the Third and Fourth as well. Those revivals pushed back against the ingress of secularism and selfishness that came with increasing freedoms, security and affluence.

America is due for another revival. Depending on your definitions, the longest time between great revivals was the 35 years between 1755 and 1790, and we are currently 34 years past the close of the Fourth Great Awakening in 1980.

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The awakenings produced great good for the country, promoting hard work, holiness, responsibility, faithfulness and temperance.

America desperately needs those values today, and the place where all of those values converge is the Bible. Bringing it back to schools can only do good for our children and our country.

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