Officer Uses Own Money To Buy Little Boy New Toy After Thieves Steal Package off Porch


‘Tis the season when package delivery companies are working around the clock to bring freshly purchased items to our doorsteps in preparation for the holiday season.

Unfortunately, honest, hardworking delivery employees aren’t the only ones with their eyes on our doorsteps.

Thieves are well aware of the heightened package delivery season, and seem to have no problem brazenly walking up to your front door and swooping your unopened boxes right up into their arms.

As a family from Youngstown, Ohio found out, porch thieves are on the prowl in their neighborhood.

On Nov. 30, resident Brian Koeppen was outraged to find out a thief had stolen a box off his front doorstep.

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The thief was caught on camera walking away quickly, trying not to look suspicious as he carried the box down the snowy sidewalk.

The box contained a new toy for Koeppen’s little boy.

“Please watch your packages this holiday season this just happened to us today,” Koeppen wrote on his Facebook page.

Officer Joe Wess was the one who came to Koeppen’s house to investigate the crime.

Wess left the house that day greatly troubled by the thought of the smug criminal getting away with stealing a little boy’s new toy.

The following week, Wess came back to Koeppen’s house with the boy’s toy in his arms.

Koeppen explained that the police officer had kindly purchased the toy with his own money and gifted it to the little boy.

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“He said the image of that guy taking my kids toy practically haunted him,” Koeppen wrote, “and he could not sleep thinking how that guy was smiling about what he had just done in stealing the package.”

“This is one of the nicest things someone has done for us in recent history and we appreciate this more than you know Officer Wess!” Koeppen wrote.

After feeling disgusted the week before, Koeppen felt his gilded heart begin to thaw thanks to Wess’ lovely act of kindness.

Koeppen added that he looks forward to the day when he can pay it forward and help another person in need.

“Thanks again Officer Joe Wess the world needs more people like you in it!” he concluded.

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