Three Weeks after Rare Tortoise Stolen from Zoo, Shell Found in Abandoned Street...


Huck, a 7-year old red-footed tortoise, was one of the joys of the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World.

The red footed tortoise was quite an exceptional specimen to have there because of its rare nature and bright colors.

This kind of tortoise can live over 50 years. His caretaker, Lyndsey, was there every day to watch her and ensure Huck always remained a happy turtle. And a happy turtle he was.

But then the unthinkable struck the Butterfly and Insect World. Huck went missing.

They searched the park, but soon it became clear — someone had stolen him.

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After the first week passed, it was safe to assume Huck wouldn’t be returning home.

Turtles, much like any other animal, need to eat at least every other day to prevent their body from going into starvation mode and using up their fat storage.

After deterioration begins, it isn’t long before the turtle’s body is susceptible to other illnesses that overcome the immune system when it is weak.

A second week passed, still no sign of Huck. Then a third passed.

That’s when the phone call came.

A turtle shell had been spotted in an abandoned parking lot. When they got closer, they saw it was Huck, and miraculously, he was still inside and alive.

Having seen the story on a local news channel about Huck’s abduction, Scottish SPCA manager Diane Aitchison recognized him immediately.

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They were able to confirm through pictures that it was, in fact, their beloved Huck who had been missing for more than 21 days.

The SPCA were asked to transport Huck back to his home at the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World.

After a few days of readjusting to his home after his vacation from Hell, Huck was reintroduced into the exhibit.

“We’re so happy to have Huck back home with us at Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World. We really missed him and so did our visitors,” said keeper Lyndsey Paget.

“Everyone has been absolutely overjoyed to hear that he is safe and sound.”

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