Veteran Scammed Out of $9K by Bad Roofers. Stranger Steps In Leaving Him Speechless


Nebraska army veteran Ricky Cole and his wife hired a roofing company to repair the siding and the roof of their home after it was damaged by a storm.

Cole told media outlets that the company they chose was a reputable one, and they replaced the roof over a few days.

The couple paid the company $9,000 up front, and believed their problems had been solved.

But when another storm hit, they couldn’t believe the “work” the company had done.

Pieces of the roof had blown away, shingles were torn, and nails were exposed. Holes in the roof allowed water to leak into the attic, damaging his ceiling and walls just one week after the work was done. They’d been scammed.

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“Don’t believe what comes out of somebody’s mouth, even if they are a reputable company,” Cole said, “I would say do the research on them.”

With a failed city roof inspection and out $9,000, Cole contacted another roofing company to see if it could be fixed.

But the owner of the company had bad news: the roof was so damaged it was beyond repair.

“I didn’t feel comfortable doing a repair on it because I didn’t know how it was going to perform,” Eric Oberembt, owner of D&M Roofing, said.

So Oberembt did the only thing he could think to do: he decided to repair the roof entirely free of charge.

“It makes me sad to see people, good people, get taken advantage of,” he said.

“We’re donating all the labor to kind of put it together in one package so they can get a new roof at no cost to them.”

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Cole and his wife were moved to tears by the generosity the roofing company showed them.

“It’s hard … emotions can’t explain just the gratitude I have for Eric for doing that. It’s a true blessing,” Ricky said.

But to Oberembt, it was nothing more than thanking a veteran for his service.

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