Wife Lies About 'Allergy' for Yrs, Fesses Up to Husband. After Work Party, He Empties His Pockets...


Your best friend. Your closest confidant. Your soulmate. These rare gems in life, often few and far between, have a special type of loyalty reserved just for them.

You understand one another’s quirks and tendencies. You share a sense of humor that other people won’t understand, and that’s okay.

The best part of enjoying one another’s company is the freedom to be authentic. No eggshells, no game playing, no need to defend yourself for your less-than-stellar moments, a willingness on both sides to apologize and forgive freely, and move on.

Consider this woman, who felt she couldn’t fully be herself around others, which, over time, resulted in her telling a little white lie. But her husband — her best friend, her closest confidant, her soulmate — covered for her in a sweet, loyal way.

The woman had a disdain for peanut butter. The smell, the taste — she found it off-putting.

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But whenever she admitted her dislike for peanut butter, people quickly came to the food’s defense. “Peanut butter is amazing, how do you not like it?”

The woman grew weary of explaining herself, so she chose a different tactic that proved so effective, she kept using it time and time again. She told people she had a peanut allergy, and witnessed their reactions change from irritated to understanding, even pity.

“It’s now like I’m a sad little baby who will never get to taste peanut butter ever in her life, and everyone feels sad for me,” the woman explained. Only her husband knew the truth, and he went along with it.

In spite of her peanut aversion, the woman had a weakness: candied peanut M&M’s. In secret, she would enjoy the treat, in public, she would stay away.

All night during a work party, the M&M’s were calling out to the woman. She managed to resist candy-eating temptation, but her husband could see it was killing her.

After the party, he emptied his jacket pockets. Dozens of peanut M&M’s fell out, which he admitted to sneaking all night so his wife could enjoy them later.

“I was sneakily accumulating them all night for you because I could see the pain in your eyes,” he explained. His love tugged at his wife’s heartstrings, and in that moment, she probably loved him even more than peanut M&M’s.

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“If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is,” the wife confessed.

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