Homeless Man Picked Up by 3 Strangers Off Street Who Transform His Entire Life


Most homeless people living on the streets just want a second chance at life. Not everyone is willing to show these street beggars compassion, but for those who do, they are true heroes.

While some people just throw loose change at the homeless, others are actually investing in their lives and giving them job opportunities. One homeless man’s story has been a prime example of this.

Robert Maxwell was once living penniless on the cold, winter streets of Birmingham, England.

The 35-year-old, who had been without a home for nine months, was also strung out on drugs.

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It appeared Maxwell “had nothing to live for,” but it wasn’t going to be that way for long once meeting 21-year-old Humzah Shah. He saw a man who was in dire need of help.

Besides his drug addiction, Shah said Maxwell was in bad shape. The destitute man had “scars all over his face” and “a huge ulcer on his leg.”

After spotting Maxwell sleeping outside, he got in contact with his friends, Waqar Salim and Wakas Khalid.

All three men were the operators of Metroflex Gym and Rehabilitation in nearby city Nechells.

In an act of kindness, they decided to pick up Maxwell off the street and transform his entire life. But, it was Waqar who brought him back to their gym.

On that same day, the men gave Maxwell a shower, food, and clothes. They also set him up with a rehabilitation center and living arrangements.

Even better, the three buddies hired him as a cleaner at their establishment.

Now, just a month later, Maxwell has cleaned up, gained weight, and stayed off drugs.

“I’ve now got something to get up for in the morning,” Maxwell said. “I clean the machines, the showers, I talk to people and it all makes me feel welcome.”

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With his newfound life, Maxwell was thankful to the men who saved him. He had finally found peace within himself.

And, one thing he never wanted to do was return to the homeless lifestyle.

“I was born in the care system and never had a family, but they make me feel part of something — and that’s worth living for,” he said.

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