Watch: MLK's Nephew Absolutely Tears Apart Trump-Hating CNN Anchor


CNN anchor Don Lemon found himself in a pickle Monday night during an interview with Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew Isaac Newton Farris Jr. while discussing President Donald Trump’s so-called “racism.”

Farris appeared on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” to discuss the president’s alleged remarks that some countries are “sh**hole countries” during a closed door meeting on immigration.

Trump-hating Lemon did his best to get Farris to admit the president was racist, but Farris was having none of it.

Farris tried to explain to Lemon that a person could say something that sounded racist, but not actually be a racist.

“I used the word ignorance, I think I’d rather say uninformed, because ignorance has a much more negative connotation to it,” said Farris, the son of King’s sister, Christine King Farris.

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“The president, I do not think, is a racist as we have traditionally known in this country,” he added.

While it remains debatable if Trump is ignorant, Farris’ point is clear — he did not think the president is racist.

Lemon did not seem to understand, so Farris broke it down for him and explained how making a statement that may seem racist to some does not make a racist.

“It makes maybe what you said or done a racist act, but it’s not an act of racism. It’s not racism in your heart. You can do something and not be aware you’re doing them. I think that’s largely the case with President Trump,” Farris told Lemon.

Do you think Don Lemon is a fair journalist?

Lemon then insinuated that Farris was getting something or being compensated in some way because he would not jump on the “Trump is a racist” bandwagon.

He went from insulting the president to insulting Farris simply because Farris would not agree with him.

This is what CNN calls journalism.

Take a look:
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Lemon is an embarrassment — even to CNN.

Sadly, Lemon — and people like him — are only contributing to racial tensions we have in the country.

H/T Truth and Action

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