Mom Calls Daughter Trapped in Snowy Ditch, Hears 'Guardian Angel's' Voice


I think every parent’s worst nightmare is to have their child face some sort of danger. As their guardian, you feel obligated to protect them at all times, but this is not always possible.

Things happen in life that are out of our control, and as a parent, all you can do is hope and pray your children are safe, especially when they’re away from you.

That’s exactly what Saginaw, Michigan, resident Sandy Wiles Blackman did the night of Friday, Jan. 12.

In a detailed Facebook post, the mom shared a story that made her heart sink. While watching TV, Sandy said a phone call came in from her daughter, Stephanie.

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The young girl’s car had slipped off an icy road before becoming trapped in a deep, snowy ditch. Stephanie was okay but couldn’t get out of her vehicle.

The windows had become frozen shut, and to make matters worse, Stephanie did not know her exact location.

She told her mom she would send her the location via Facebook messenger, but when the message never came through, Sandy panicked.

She called and called until Stephanie finally picked up. That’s when she heard a “guardian angel’s” voice in the background: the voice of a man who had seen Stephanie’s situation and come to assist her.

The man helped rescue Stephanie before taking her to a nearby gas station to warm up.

After speaking with the guy on the phone, Sandy believed that God made a way for him to spot her daughter’s silver car.

“I am 100% convinced that it was not a coincidence that he just “happened” to be driving by and see her,” she wrote.

“God put this man there! And if it wasn’t for him, we might not have found her in time.”

Sandy was in such a rush to go get her daughter that she forgot to get the man’s name. She later learned that he and four other men, employees from the Freeland Correctional Facility, had actually helped that night.

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She wrote: “I was told that if they hadn’t seen the lights from the car, lighting up the ditch, they would’ve never known she was down there. Thank God they were there!”

Soon after the ordeal, Stephanie went for a doctor’s checkup and was doing just fine.

While Sandy had many people to thank for keeping her daughter safe, she ended her message saying, “And, most of all, I thank God for looking after my family!”

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