She Places Hand on Flag-Draped Casket. Passengers Left Sobbing as They Watch Fallen Soldier


“There was not a dry eye around me,” Facebook user Lisa West Williams said in a tear-jerking video uploaded to her page. While waiting for her plane to let passengers off at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina, she captured the moments a fallen soldier was brought home to his wife and family.

Like many others, this video hit home for me because growing up as a 20-year navy brat and being the sister of a former Army soldier who served in Iraq, I just couldn’t help but get emotional. This was a clear representation of bravery, perseverance, and justice that our military personnel has to embody each day while in the line of duty.

U.S. Army soldier and Warrant Officer Shawn Thomas exemplified that and more during his time serving in Niger, Africa. On Feb. 2, the serviceman died from injuries caused by a non-combat vehicle accident.

As a Green Beret of the 1st Battalion and 3rd Special Forces Group, Thomas was working in civil affairs and training troops against terrorism. The 35-year-old joined the Special Forces group in Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 2008, but was promoted to warrant officer eight years later.

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However, this was not the first time Thomas had been deployed. According to Army Times, he previously served in Afghanistan and Iraq, earning numerous awards including two Bronze Stars.

The arrival of Thomas’ casket embellished in American patriotism was a sight to see that day, especially for his wife T.J. and everyone on the plane. Everyone was silent as they watched the fallen soldier’s wife greet her deceased husband.

The moving video shows T.J. resting one hand on the casket as she kneels down and lowers her head in mourning. You can even hear the tears flowing from Williams.

Fellow Green Berets then escorted Thomas off the ramp and into a hearse. The pilot made an announcement thanking all the passengers for waiting.

Soon after the viral hit of Williams’ video, T.J. got in touch with her, thanking her for sharing it with the world.

Many grieving viewers have sent their dearest condolences to T.J., some saying “prayers to you and your loved ones” and “praying for comfort for your family.” Others have applauded Thomas for his service.

“Brave soldier, we thank you for your life and service to our country. God bless you,” one commentator wrote.

The 3rd Special Forces Group also expressed sorrow for the loss of their soldier: “Our deepest condolences go out to Warrant Officer Thomas’ family, friends and colleagues.”

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Not every day is promised, especially for our servicemen and women who risk their lives for our freedom. Thank you Shawn Thomas (and many others) for serving our country, and thank you T.J. for making the sacrifice to support your husband during his service as a U.S. Army soldier.

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