Stomach-Churning Video Shows TX School Shooter Holding Bag of Dead Cats with Sick Smile on His Face


A disturbing new video adds a stomach-churning new twist to the tragic school shooting that took place in Texas on May 24.

The shooting, which took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, claimed the lives of  19 children and two adults. Just prior to the incident, the shooter — Salvador Ramos — also shot his grandmother, who remains in stable condition at a San Antonio hospital. Following the school shooting, Ramos was killed by authorities.

In the newly discovered video footage, Ramos can be seen showing off a bloodied bag full of dead cats.

The New York Post reportedly obtained the video.

Within the Post’s report — which was published on Monday — a screenshot of the video is shown with Ramos holding up the bag of dead cats, which has been blurred out.

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Ramos reportedly had a fascination with dead animals long before the May 24 shooting.

Did Uvalde authorities do everything they could to stop Ramos?

“The shooter was known for hurting cats,” David Trevino Jr., a relative of Ramos’ grandmother, told the Post.  “I’m told he killed the cats and carried around the bag of bodies for s***s and giggles.”

“He’s not all there. The video raises all sorts of red flags.”

Speaking with Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli, Eagle Pass Police Chief Federico Garza confirmed that Ramos had “abused dogs and cats in horrendous ways.”

Others within the community seemed well aware that something was not quite right with the shooter.

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For example, during a recent interview, Ivan Arellano — a senior at Uvalde High School — revealed Ramos “was not a good person” and was actually known for bullying others.

“Salvador Ramos was a boy who was not bullied,” Arellano said on Wednesday. “He would try to pick on people but fail, and it would aggravate him.”

“I don’t see this covered and I’m going to put this out there,” he added. “He would hurt animals. He was not a good person.”

CORRECTION, Jun. 1, 2022: This article originally referred to the Uvalde school shooting as taking place at “Uvalde High School.” That reference has been been removed.

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